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A full service Italian law firm based in Rome, with English speaking lawyers, providing legal services to foreign individuals and businesses in matters concerning Italian law.We specialize in guiding small businesses and providing advice and consult to way-ward travellers, in addition to handling immigration matters for a range of international clients.Our Services- International Business: we have several years of experience guiding small to medium-sized businesses in their efforts to expand their operations across Italy. With a trusted country-wide network of partner law firms and associates, we have the ability to assist clients in their operations in all regions of the Italian peninsula.- Immigration Law: offering legal advice and consult in both English and Italian, we specialize in providing clients from all over the globe with assistance in immigration matters in Italy.- Italian Tax Law and Accounting Services: we offer Italian tax law advice and consultation, in additional to accounting services, for property owners and business organizations in Italy.- General Representation and Other Services: we also offer general representation and consultation services to travellers, property-owners and other individuals with a variety of interests here in Italy, including legal document certification and translation services.

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CitizenshipContractsCriminal LawDivorceFamily LawInheritanceIntellectual PropertyIntellectual Property LicensingLabor and EmploymentLandlord and Tenant LawMedical MalpracticePaternityPersonal InjuryReal Estate

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