Popular Cities in Italy

Pacifici Nucci & Giacani
0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00044

Since several years the Firm offers a distinctive and high professional service to its clients.Our structure and expertise enable us to offer a person...

0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00192

Zagamilaw is an international law firm with offices located in Rome and Reggio Calabria which is also directly linked to important law firms based in ...

Studio Legale Caretti - Italian Maritime and Pharmaceutical Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Naples 80133

Founded in 2004 in Naples by the Attorney Antonello Caretti, The Studio Legale Caretti offers its clients practical solutions and expert assistance in...

Studio Legale Avv. Alessandro Pedone
0 votes
Law Firm in Bergamo 24122

Law firm based in Bergamo (Italy). Law firm specialized in retail collection, bankruptcy and and legal services for creditors. Service location in Mil...

Studio Legale Croce
0 votes
Law Firm in Reggio Calabria 89128

The Crocи Law Firm offers legal assistance for over thirty years in all areas of civil law.The Law Firm is headquartered in Reggio Calabria, but...

Giambrone Law International Law Practice
0 votes
Law Firm in Milan 06100

Giambrone Law is a fully flegded, award winning Italian law firm with offices throughout Italy as well as London, New York, Casablanca and a new branc...

Studio Legale Internazionale Bertaggia
0 votes
Law Firm in Ferrara 44121

Bertaggia & Associates Law Firm has a purpose: we are a group of motivated professionals created to apply our legal knowledge and our experience and t...

0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00186

A new International pool of consultancy services in the Renewable Energy SectorPractical approach, multidisciplinary vision, specific experience and c...

Studio Legale LAMASTRA - LAMASTRA Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Matera 75100

Lamastra Law firm based in Matera (South Italy), providing a full range of legal services in different areas of law. We represent the clients in civil...

Legal Assistance in Italy Law Offices - Studio Legale
0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00136

A full service Italian law firm based in Rome, with English speaking lawyers, providing legal services to foreign individuals and businesses in matter...

NL Studio Legale
0 votes
Law Firm in Milan 20121

NL Law Firm, based in Milan, Italy. We are your solution to your legal problems in Italy.We specialize in corporate law, commercial law, arbitration, ...

0 votes
Law Firm in Florence 50123

SINGULANCE is a premier international law firm that wants to propose an unusual model in legal services in Italy. The firm was conceived and created t...

Di Vizio & Venezia
0 votes
Law Firm in Cassino 03043

An international outlook and solid experience acquired with Italian Law are the focal points of the Law Firm Di Vizio & Venezia from the moment it...

Michele Della Bella & Partners
0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00198

Deeply experienced attorneys at Avv. Michele Della Bella & Partners Law Firm offer legal guidance and representation to individuals and business C...

Avvocato Manon Laganа
0 votes
Law Firm in Viareggio 55049

The "Avvocato Manon Laganа" is an indipendent Law Firm based in Tuscany which offers legal services in all the italian territory. The ...

The Family Law Italy, by M Calabrese & a. Attorneys
0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00197

The Family Law Italy founded in 1981 by Mr Marco Calabreses partner & founder,is a highly specialized Law firm operating in Rome in the field of I...

Iacovazzi International Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Bari 70125

The Iacovazzi Law Firm, is an Italian Legal Professional Association comprised of lawyers qualified as Italian Avvocati.Our practice areas range from ...

Studio Legale Lucchini Gattamorta & Associati
0 votes
Law Firm in Bologna 40133

LGA offers affordable yet sophisticated commercial solutions for your company’s global legal needs. Our team of English speaking legal professio...

Serghei Cozma Law Firm - Representation in Italy
0 votes
Law Firm in Padua 35188

Consulting and legal services in Italy, USA and Moldova. Preparation establishing documents for registration juridical persons in Moldova. - Consultin...

Studio Legale Vatalaro
0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00142

“Three generations of lawyers. Over 80 years of experience dedicated to the care, protection and assistance the rights of our clients... &rdq...

Studio Legale Massa / Massa Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Bologna 40128

Studio Legale Massa (Massa Law Firm) is a leading commercial, corporate, intellectual property and Internet law firm in the Italian legal field, with ...

avv. Daniela Forti
0 votes
Law Firm in Pietrasanta 55045

My law firm is located in the heart of Versilia, in the beautiful art town of Pietrasanta (Lucca). I deal with and resolve legal matters throughout It...

Avvocato Federico Baglini
0 votes
Law Firm in Genoa 16121

Main areas of practice: - Property law - Leasing and renting - Inheritances, wills and donations - Contract law - Enforcement proceedings - Sepa...

Damiani & Damiani International Law Firm & Services
0 votes
Law Firm in Rome 00187

Damiani&Damiani International law firm & services oversteps the boundaries of territoriality, offering legal services through a multi-national...

Anp legal European Economist and Lawyers firms
0 votes
Law Firm in Francavilla Fontana 72021

Multi services Firms. Daily involved with top skills professional in different law area for individuals, companies and other entities.Please visit our...

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