Popular Cities in Romania

Sulica Protopopescu Vonica
0 votes
Law Firm in Bucharest 010667

Past, present and future. Who we areSulica, Protopopescu, Vonica – Attorneys at Law  (SPV Legal) is the successor of one of the most presti...

Moncea Daniel Personal Law office
0 votes
Law Firm in Cluj-Napoca 400294

In order to solve in a reasonable time of your problem, Individual law firm provides consulting, representation, assistance in court, before any publi...

Constantinof & Asociatii Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Bucharest 020976

Constantinof & Asociatii Law Firm is a successful supplier of legal services, its lawyers being renowned for the expertise achieved over the years...

Mararu & Mararu SCA
0 votes
Law Firm in Bucharest 011611

Mararu & Mararu is a top Romanian law firm with a distinguished legal practice in corporate and M&A, dispute resolution, energy and natural re...

Birladeanu and Birladeanu Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Botosani 710234

Law firms Ana Roxana Birladeanu & Marian Birladeanu provide legal services in the areas of criminal law, civil law, family law, commercial law, co...

Dutescu & Partners
0 votes
Law Firm in Bucharest 021021

“Dutescu & Partners” House of Law has a modern mentality that sets us aside from the other Romanian law firms, We specialize in: secur...

Motoc, Gheorghe & Asociatii SCA
0 votes
Law Firm in Brasov 500090

Motoc, Gheorghe & Asociatii – Atorenys at law, is composed of a tenacious and dynamic team, ready to offer customers, individuals and firms,...

SCA Budusan & Associates
0 votes
Law Firm in Cluj-Napoca 400098

Budusan & Associates – member of The European Network since 2008 - offers legal services such as legal advice and assistance / representatio...

Berindean Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Cluj-Napoca 400604

Berindean & Dascal Law Firm is specialized in corporate, commercial and business law. Our company provides legal advice and representation / assis...

Adrian Tapu - Law Office
0 votes
Law Firm in Bucharest 030823

Adrian Tapu Law Office is a Bucharest based law practice, providing legal advice and assistance in all areas of the Romanian law, with an emphasis on ...

Nicolae Cristian Angel Law Office
0 votes
Law Firm in Brasov 500091

We understand that your business is important to you, and therefore that partnering with the right business law firm is more about mutual long-term an...

Simona Rotaru Law Office
0 votes
Law Firm in Bucharest 010159

Our team of Romanian lawyers provides legal services to particulars and businesses in following areas of practice, civil and business law, estate law,...

Cabinet de Avocat Alina Szilaghi
1 votes
Law Firm in Cluj-Napoca 400118

Lawyer Alina Szilaghi is a member of U.N.B.R. with extensive coverage of all existing areas of law as well she is up to date with continuous and multi...

Cabinet avocat Faur Ionela Carmen
0 votes
Law Firm in Bucharest 041901

I have a beautiful profession and I consider myself a knight of righteousness. If the great battles were going on the battlefield now, the real "...

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