Popular Cities in Poland

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Law Firm in Gdansk 80750

The law firm renders complex services in favour of domestic and international economic relations. We specialize in provision of comprehensive legal as...

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Tomasz Grumowicz
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Law Firm in Gdansk 80286

We are involved in legal services to companies and private individuals, including foreign entities. We aim at the provision of comprehensive legal cou...

Koehler Rak Kurowski
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Law Firm in Katowice 40082

The registered partnership of Koehler Rak Kurowski was created as a result of the legal advisor Mariusz Kurowski, who had previously liased with the c...

Soltysinski Kawecki & Szlezak
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Law Firm in Warsaw 02034

Established in 1991, Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak (SK&S) is one of the leading law firms in Poland. The firm has 95 attorneys,...

Nikiel & Zacharzewski
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Law Firm in Krakow 30034

The legal Office Nikiel & Zacharzewski was established in 1996 based on the previous legal practices of Radosław Nikiel and Andrzej Zacharzew...

SMM Legal
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Law Firm in Poznan 60605

SMM Legal offers professional and prompt service in specialized areas of law. The services are rendered in English, German, French and Italian. The...

Law Offices Euro-Lex Marcin Radomski
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Law Firm in Torun 87100

Our focus is on services to the business sector, primarily commercial companies. We conduct entity formation and registration procedures, as well as p...

Schampera, Dubis, Zajac & Wspolnicy Kancelaria Prawna
0 votes
Law Firm in Wroclaw 50222

The Law Firm Schampera, Dubis, Zając and Partners was established in 2002 acting originally under the firm Schampera, Specht, Zając and Part...

Kalwas & Partners Law Office
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Law Firm in Warsaw 00539

Our Office operates in a form of a civil partnership of four Legal Advisors. Our team of associates consists of 10 lawyers."Kalwas & Partners...

Gessel, Attorneys at Law
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Law Firm in Warsaw 00121

GESSEL was established in January 1993 by Beata Gessel. At present, the firm operates as a limited partnership, and the partners are as follows: Beata...

Wardynski & Partners
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Law Firm in Warsaw 00478

Wardyński & Partners is one of Poland’s largest independent law firms. We have been operating since the end of the 1980s, and as a part...

Maminski & Wspolnicy sp.k.
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Law Firm in Warsaw 00556

In 1996, Marcin Mamiński, advocate, undertook professional practice as part of his Individual Law Firm. From the first moment of its establishmen...

WKB Wiercinski, Kwiecinski, Baehr
0 votes
Law Firm in Warsaw 00633

WKB Wiercinski, Kwiecinski, Baehr is a Polish law firm headquartered in Warsaw, with a branch office in Poznan. Our staff consists of over forty exper...

Piotr Polz Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Warsaw 00252

Piotr Polz Law Firm provides legal services to domestic and foreign business entities and individuals starting, conducting or liquidating business in ...

Forystek & Partners, Advocates & Legal Advisors
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Law Firm in Warsaw 00132

The Company senior partners and majority of the employees were previously employed in FORYSTEK GÓRALCZYK RYCHLICKI Law Office, operating since ...

Siemiatkowski & Davies
0 votes
Law Firm in Warsaw 00556

Founded in 2005 by two highly experienced commercial lawyers, Siemiątkowski & Davies is a unique law firm - a partnership between a Polish la...

Kochanski & Partners
0 votes
Law Firm in Warsaw 00-097

One of few Polish independent full scope practice law firms. Established by a lawyer with significant experience with large international law firms ov...

Drzewiecki, Tomaszek & Partners
0 votes
Law Firm in Warsaw 00761

Drzewiecki, Tomaszek & Partners is a dynamic Polish law firm with significant experience in advising both domestic and multinational clients in co...

Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka Law Firm
0 votes
Law Firm in Warsaw 00124

Domański Zakrzewski Palinka is the largest law firm in Poland. Our reputation and brand is the result of 15 years’ experience in providing ...

Magnusson - Kancelaria Prawnicza
0 votes
Law Firm in Warsaw 00312

We are a full-service independent law firm with offices in Copenhagen, Moscow, Stockholm, Warsaw and Wrocław.Our ambition is to offer top-flight ...

Dzialynska i Partnerzy Law Office
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Law Firm in Poznan 61-102

We specialize in comprehensive legal services related to current operations of business entities, particularly companies and partnerships. Besides, we...

CK and Partners Law Office
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Law Firm in Warsaw 02-791

We are a legal office, providing a wide range of services in the field of civil and administrative law. We deal with verification of legal status, res...

Weremczuk Bobel & Partners Attorneys at law
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Law Firm in Poznan 60-789

Weremczuk Bobel & Partners holds a well established position on the legal market. We are one of the most rapidly developing law firms in Poland. O...

Marczynski Michalak i Partnerzy
0 votes
Law Firm in Gdansk 80-247

Marczynski Michalak and Partners Lawyer's Office Professional Partnership is  modern and dynamic Company that provides services on the highes...

Kruger & Partners Advocates and Legal Advisors
0 votes
Law Firm in Poznan 61-777

Kruger & Partners Law Firm specializes in criminal defense. We offer our services of complete defense, both in the pre-file stage of investigation...

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