Popular Cities in Norway

Gram, Hambro & Garman Advokatfirma AS
0 votes
Law Firm in Oslo 0151

In support of our clients’ defined objectives, Gram, Hambro & Garman will evaluate the individual client’s options and focus on forwar...

Vogt & Wiig AS
0 votes
Law Firm in Oslo 0117

Vogt & Wiig is a leading Norwegian commercial law firm. Our 80 lawyers offer specialised legal services to national and international clients. We ...

0 votes
Law Firm in Oslo 0119

Ræder (Ræder Wisløff Aasland Ottesen DA) has come about, as it stands at the moment, from a merger between the legal firms Ræ...

Bull & Co Advokatfirma AS
0 votes
Law Firm in Oslo 0203

Bull & Co Law Firm was established in 1864 and is located in new premises by Solli Plass in Oslo City Centre. We are a multi discipline business l...

Bugge, Arentz-Hansen & Rasmussen
0 votes
Law Firm in Oslo 0250

Teamwork is the key to our business. The highly skilled individuals at BA-HR find satisfaction and inspiration in working together to advise clients o...

Haavind Vislie
0 votes
Law Firm in Oslo 0101

Should we describe Haavind’s business in the shortest possible manner, then it is with the words in the heading. Only by utilising the company&r...

NORPROFF Lawfirm Ltd
0 votes
Law Firm in Haugesund 5525

NORPROFF Lawfirm specialises in business and maritime law. We have two lawyers with valuable experience.Attorney Gjermund Viland, b. 1975, has experie...

Lawfirm Galtung Dysvik MNA
0 votes
Law Firm in Oslo 0278

The Law firm Galtung Dysvik MNA provides our clients with services necessary for them to establish business in Norway without the usual risks associat...

Advokat Arne Talsnes
0 votes
Law Firm in Hurdal 2090

Attorney Arne Talsnes is specializing in personal injuries, helping after accidents at work, traffic accidents, treatment in hospitals, injuries after...

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