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Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm is developing a modern dynamic and business oriented practice by providing a wide range of legal services. Our team’s striving is to render legal advices based on a comprehensive clarification of the commercial principles and oriented towards an achievable business result. Our professional experience focuses on Commercial and Corporate law, Construction law and Infrastructure law (FIDIC Conditions of Contract), Real Estates, Tax and Customs law, Litigation and Debt collection, Employment law, Public procurement, Intellectual property law and Insurance law.CORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL LAWDyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm renders legal consultations to Bulgarian and foreign clients providing overall legal assistance in the area of Commercial and Corporate law.Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm acts as a consultant of various firms and has rich experience in establishing companies and conducting general meetings of shareholders, procedures upon capital increase, in-kind capital contributions presenting a title to properties in the company’s capital, machines, receivables and other rights, transformations, mergers and acquisitions of companies. Our Law Firm advices our clients and acts as their legal consultant in all matters related to their business, namely, preparation, amendment and termination of commercial contracts, internal acts, company policies and procedures, cooperation in conducting negotiations.INSOLVENCYOur practice in the field of the commercial insolvency is closely connected to our experience in the area of Commercial and Corporate law. Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm has a significant experience as a consultant and representative of its corporate clients in insolvency proceedings of their debtors including permission of preliminary security measures, commencement of insolvency proceedings, legal representation during litigation, legal argumentation of the initial date of insolvency, receivable claims and objections to accepted and non-accepted receivables, representation during creditors’ meetings, preparation of recovery plan in insolvency proceeding, conclusion of out-of-court agreement between the debtor and the creditor, etc.CONSTRUCTION LAW AND FIDIC CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTDyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm is highly specialized in the area of Construction and Infrastructure law. We are one of the very few law firms in Bulgaria with considerable experience in advising contractors in projects implemented under FIDIC Conditions of Contract. Our range of legal services includes, but not exclusively: consultations during the tender procedure, during the construction process-compatibility of the FIDIC rules with the Bulgarian imperative legislation, differentiation of the respective obligations of the employer, contractor and engineer, claims proceedings for extension of time and additional costs under the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, legal advices during the proceeding before the Dispute Adjudication Board and consultations on the issuance of the Taking-over Certificate.REAL ESTATES LAWThe expertise of Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm in the field of Real Estate law is closely related to our experience as consultants of foreign investors. The Law Firm provides legal consultations concerning real estates acquisition including due diligence, financing, rendering legal advices on financial issues during acquisition process, escrow arrangement, bank loan agreements, security, real properties regime upon mergers and acquisitions, etc.Our team represents our clients in conducting negotiations and renders legal advice during the process of conclusion of contracts and long-term rent agreements, real estate management agreements as well as management of closed-type residential complexes.LITIGATION AND DEBT COLLECTIONDyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm has a significant experience in the field of litigation. We represent our clients before court, arbitration, administrative authorities and Commission for Protection of Competition. The Law Firm executes legal representation before all court instances regarding any legal actions by accomplishing a preliminary assessment of the case problem and provides legal opinion on the argumentation, on the case progress and the possible result of the case.The Law Firm has a successful experience in the area of debt collection including executive proceedings by providing its clients a preliminary assessment of the possibility for collection of their debts in the executive proceeding. We have considerable expertise in: commercial disputes related to delivery of goods, rent agreements, construction and designing contracts, leasing agreements, insurance contracts, privatization contracts and public procurement; insolvency proceedings; corporate disputes related to participation in companies; labour disputes; unfair competition and public procurement; administrative proceedings; tax proceedings.TAX AND CUSTOMS LAWThe Law Firm provides consultations on various tax matters regarding the sale of real estates properties, mergers, acquisitions, corporate tax, VAT issues, avoidance of double taxation and it successfully represents its clients in appeal proceedings against acts of inspection before the court and revenue authorities.We are one of the very few Bulgarian law firms with deep knowledge and experience in European tax and customs law including the practice of the Court of the EU.EMPLOYMENT AND MIGRATION LAWDyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm has significant expertise in different aspects of Employment and Migration law by rendering overall legal assistance in conclusion, amendment and termination of labour agreements including collective labour agreements, redundancies, disciplinary penalties proceeding, financial liability of employees, legal representation in claims for occupational injuries and disease, labour disputes, healthy at work, issuance of work and state permits, consultations to the employer concerning preparation and amendment of internal regulations, company policies and labour proceedings.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY The Law Firm’s team, which also includes a representative in industrial property, represents its clients before the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria, Commission for the Protection of Competition, Administrative Court, Supreme Administrative Court, international authorities and intellectual property organisations.Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm provides legal services to Bulgarian and international companies in researching and registering trade marks and design, conclusion and registering of licensing contracts and agreements and it duly represents its clients in performing all the acts related to infringement of the trade mark rights and design rights. INSURANCE LAWDyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm has rendered overall legal assistance to a Bulgarian insurance company for the period from 1998 to 2008 by consulting it in the preparation of general conditions upon insurance contracts, insurance and reinsurance contracts, liquidation of damages, legal representation in more than 200 insurance cases.

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