Brzobohaty Broz & Honsa, v.o.s.
Brzobohatý Brož & Honsa, v.o.s.  is one of the most significant Czech law offices. Formally established in the year 2000, it continues forth from the business of a leading international law firm, which had been operating in the Czech Republic since 1990.BBH provides legal and advisory services specialising in the fields of commercial law, corporate law, banking, capital markets, financial law, real estate law, intellectual property law, as well as patent and trade mark registration and protection. BBH operates with expertise in the forums of litigation, international arbitration proceedings and criminal proceedings.With its team of more than 40 lawyers specialised in numerous fields of law and equipped with earned professional experience and qualification, BBH provides its clients with top quality legal services. Services are rendered in the Czech, English, German, French and Russian languages.The Brzobohatý Brož & Honsa law offices can offer you superlative representation not only in fields of law currently considered standard, but also in specialised fields in which we can demonstrate our exceptional knowledge, professional qualification and expertise.By way of example, we wish to highlight the following fields in which we render legal services: Banking law, capital markets, insurance business  - financial institution establishment, mergers and acquisitions;- credits/loans (including syndicated ones);- project financing;- loan and investment securing vehicles and guarantees;- financial institution counselling in the area of regulatory issues referring to activities, including but not limited to, licence proceedings;- bond issues both listed and privately placed;- trading with securities and financial market derivatives both on and public OTC markets;- insurance and reinsurance business;- investment companies and funds;- securities transfers, pledging and lending;- investment incentives;- securitization of receivables.In the field of financial law, our best reference by far is our broad spectrum of reputable clients. Inasmuch as the obligation of confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the names of our clients, we hereby provide you with the following information about our activities:- participation in bond issues, including certain issues which represented, due to their structure, a precedent in the Czech Republic at the time (foreign issues, links to indexes);- project financing, involving, among others, the field of power engineering (power import and export, power engineering construction);- restructuring of bank receivables (agreements on joint policy of banks, capitalisation of receivables, change in securing);- participation in the negotiation of numerous credit contracts, including syndicated ones, and agreements on structured securing;- complex representation of leading investment funds in the Czech Republic;- ensuring the legal possibility for the creation of an alternative to the Europay system in the Czech Republic;- negotiations held on the subject of numerous ISDA agreements and related transactions;- adaptation of ISDA standards to Czech legal environment;- due diligence of activities of securities dealers (including the investment banking departments in banks), carried out with regard to the requirements of the Securities Act;- preparation of standard securing documentation for a leading Czech bank and for a foreign bank;- preparation of standard credit documentation for a leading Czech bank and for a foreign bank;- preparation of standard and specialised insurance contracts and insurance terms and conditions for one of the most powerful insurance companies doing business in the Czech Republic;- negotiations conducted on the subject of claims arising from insurance and reinsurance contracts;- analysis of rights and claims arising for certain banks in relation to their debtors; recommendations of further courses of action (also in relation to some of the most significant companies doing business in the territory of the Czech Republic);- due diligence on the insurance contracts of a significant insurance company;- performing due diligence and forensic audits;- legal counselling rendered to one of the biggest Czech companies engaged in consumer financing in the area of securitisation of consumer credits and receivables originating from credit cards.Intellectual Property Law  - trade marks;- representation before the Industrial Property Office (the Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví);- e-business;- software license rights- software law counselling rendered for the creation of new customised applications;- information technologies (IT);- rights of performing artists;- copyright.In the field of intellectual property law, the Brzobohatý Brož & Honsa law offices, enjoy a considerable professional background. It has earned its exceptional experience from the following particular projects:- long-standing representation of software licence owners in the Czech Republic;- establishment of a joint venture in the field of e-business, whose parties are a company enjoying a leading position in the field of telecommunications and a renowned and prominent manufacturer of computer equipment;- representation of a significant Czech bank in negotiations held on the subject of creation, modification and use of software applications in all areas of banking activity;- drafting of contractual documentation (the transfer of a licence for software application ) for one Czech financial institution;- representation of the significant Czech insurance companies in the course of the examination of the rights and claims arising from contractual documentation relating to the creation of software applications and systems for their business activities.Corporate Law- foundation of and changes in business companies, liquidation;- problems associated with the protection of rights of major and minor shareholders;- increase and reduction of registered capital;- company management, meetings of the Boards of Directors and general meetings;- shareholders agreements;- concerted conduct;- control of companies, concerns;- public and legal duties, including reporting duty;- Joint Ventures.Our office has acquired particularly invaluable experience in the area of corporate law by establishing and incorporating new joint stock companies, limited liability companies and general commercial partnerships, as well liquidating business companies.Our law office has also developed: (i) an optimum structure for company management; (ii) a system of arranging business assets for company partners and shareholders; (iii) defining cross options for shareholders; (iv) creating a system of motivation for the senior executives of our client companies. We have also been engaged in the complete modification of the Articles of Association and internal rules of big banking institutions, insurance and business companies.Moreover our law office has gained rich and invaluable experience by undertaking the super-authentication of the foreign corporate documents of its international company clients, as required by Czech authorities including the use and application of international treaties that have been concluded to that effect.Company Restructuring, Take-over- acquisition of companies (acquisition of equity participation, enterprises and receivables);- financial and legal restructuring, restructuring of business assets;- standing proxy for clients at a time of imminent danger due to bankruptcy (including negotiation with creditors);- mergers, divisions, capital transfers and other corporate changes.Having acted in co-operation with foreign associated law offices and leading investment banks, our law office has undertaken all the necessary acts in the Czech Republic and abroad to ensure the establishment in this country of one of the most powerful foreign unit trusts, the basic contribution exceeding CZK 30,000,000,000.00 (thirty billion Czech crowns), including the performance of any and all acts associated therewith. Our law office has also participated in a number of other international transactions performed abroad, a good example of which can be the incorporation of an leading international shipping company in Cyprus.It is a matter of course that our office is regularly invited to take part in projects aimed at acquisition and restructuring, of those listed are particularly worth mentioning:- sale of assets of one of the leading companies operating in light industry;- structuring of the most powerful holding company operating in financial services;- assumption, on a contractual basis, of supervision over significant regional providers of certain services operating throughout the Czech Republic;- sale of a leading company engaged in providing information systems in the Czech Republic;- sale of indirect property participation in a company providing cellular phone services in the Czech Republic;- acquisition of an enterprise of one of the major world producers operating in the metallurgical industry (Germany, Czech Republic);- take over, in favour of one of the most important international companies, of two leading companies engaged in the Czech Republic in the entertainment industry (Czech Republic, United Kingdom);- structured sale of a chain of the most important hotels in the Czech Republic;- take-over of a leading bank in the Czech Republic;- development of an integrated solution to the legal restructuring of one of the most significant industrial groups operating in the Czech Republic; the integrated legal and business asset restructuring of one of the biggest building companies operating in the Czech Republic;- structured take-over of a company for the purpose of completing the implementation of the energy centre construction project;- system solution to prevent the threat of bankruptcy endangering one of the world leaders operating in mechanical engineering;- development

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