Ratkai Law Firm
Ratkai Law Firm was established in 2004, Budapest, Hungary. As a "boutique"law firm, our main profile is related to employment law issues, like legal advice, representation before court in labour law litigations, drafting labour law documents like employment contracts, termination letters, internal regulation etc. We perform our legal services in Hungarian, in English and in German. Chief attorney of the Law Firm is Dr. Ildiko Ratkai, attorney-at-law, who is registered at the Budapest Bar.Our main activities are the following:- legal advices related to the labour law and labour issues;- professional legal support for HR-staff of employers;- drafting labour law documents: employment contract, termination by notice, termination by immediate effect, mutual agreement, non-competition clauses, etc.;- drafting collective bargaining agreements, employers' internal regulations;- legal representation before labour court in labour law litigations;- legal representation before the labour inspection authority;- legal representation in equal treatment issues;- lectures, courses and trainings related to labour law.

practice areas

Employment ContractsLabor and EmploymentLitigationWork PermitsWorkers Compensation

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