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An international outlook and solid experience acquired with Italian Law are the focal points of the Law Firm Di Vizio & Venezia from the moment it was founded at the beginning of the 1990’s, a period in which European integration started growing at a fast rate to what it has become today. The studio was founded by Riccardo Di Vizio, who unifies his vocation for criminal and criminal procedural law, that has been cultivated in an academic setting, to a profound knowledge of Common Law, due to his lengthy stay in Great Britain. Very early the firm that was started by Riccardo Di Vizio was incremented by Maurizia Venezia, a lawyer specialized in Industrial Law as well European Union Corporate Law, sectors that have ongoing scientific research, also having acquired experience in Civil Defence of Public Entities.The Law Firm is accustomed to working with professionals and consultants that are capable of supplying excellent and qualified assistance in the various sectors of both Italian and European Union Law as well as guaranteeing the best strategic choices to its clients based on their specific needs. In particular, with the areas of criminal law and business crimes they have an operative task force of jurists and economists that are experts in identifying and advising on the best defensive strategies already in the initial phases of the case.The law firm Di Vizio & Venezia have created a vast client base in the past years amongst important industrial , banking, insurance and financial groups, both Italian and foreign; it is also active in assisting important local and central public Italian administrations. The high qualitative standards set forth by the Firm Di Vizio & Venezia have guaranteed continuous and constant expansion over the years, allowing it to represent the interests of its corporate clients before the European Commission, where the Firm is registered with the n.71545657751-38.As of 2011 it has also consolidated a partnership with Bridging Bureau srl, a company that offers Management and Communication advising  in the sector for Special Public Relations, specifically in Public Affairs  with the realm of Local Public Administration, in order to position and consolidate interests , policy and projects for its clients within a social, economical and political context. The ability and trustworthiness demonstrated by the Firm with regards to dealing with active participation of companies in bid tenders held within the European Union has found recognition in the choice that the Firm has made to become the legal partner in Italy for the London based company Link-Europe Ltd.CORPORATE & COMMERCIAL LAWOur firm analyzes and studies each problem that arises in corporate law with reference to both Italian and foreign companies, with continuous academic and research updates at Italian and other European universities. It handles the relationships with European union institutions supplying support and assistance for public bid tenders published by the European Union; we supply advising on European Legislation, on European Union politics and programs that are of interest to companies , as well as on legislation and practices regarding European bid tenders. EUROPEAN UNION CORPORATE LAWOur firm assists its clients, with the use of its own experts and advisors, in every phase of corporate contract negotiations regarding supply, distribution, franchising, agencies, bid tenders and license concessions, distribution agencies, intellectual property, such as license concessions and trademarks or for the use of outsourcings IT services. BANKING-INSURANCE & OTHER REGULATED ENTITIESOur firm has over twenty years experience assisting big Banking and Insurance Groups, for which they handle the monitoring, execution and contract negotiations with the clientele. We also assist clientele that use banking and insurance services, where we have obtained notable success in cases with regards to contracts in violation of consumer interests and rights. ADMINISTRATIVE LAWThe Firm uses a specific task force that is specialized in Public Entity Law and Public Economics Law that assists public entities, private companies and public administrations; it also handles protection within the judicial system as well as outside in regards to relations with both public and private subjects, as well as litigation processes before the administrative courts in each level of jurisdiction, in relation to the controversies that arise in this sector. TAX LAW AND FISCAL PLANNINGThanks to our knowledge of both international and national taxation procedures and European Union decision making with regards to freedom of establishment within the EU, our firm supplies its clients with the drafting of opinions on taxation for businesses in all its phases, both for establishment and in the executive phase, as well as advising on taxation problems that arise within large multinational business groups. LITIGATION, ARBITRATION & DESPUTE RESOLUTIONOur firm takes on the defence of clients within any area of the law, from the initial phases of a case, formulating strategies which allow an excellent way to obtain the best results, keeping in mind the clients interests, evaluating costs as well as the convenience of plea bargaining with respect to following through on a case, even based on our solid experience over the years with regards to arbitration procedures. CRIMINAL LAW - CORPORATE COMPLIANCE - BUSINESS CRIMES - SPORTS LAWOur firm has matured a vast experience in both scientific and academic sectors through Riccardo Di Vizio who has been a professor on contract for Criminal Law with the University of Cassino, and a follower of the school of though lead by Professor F. Saverio Fortuna and Professor Franco Tritto, who were students of Professor Aldo Moro, which has formed a group of jurists that are experts in Criminal Law, White Collar Crimes and Sports Law, capable of working efficiently in both Italian courts and Arbitration. The evolution of Criminal Law even in sectors which regulate specific aspects of social and professional life has brought about an expansion of criminal disciplines. Corporate Criminal Law in fact has seen, with the reforms in Corporate law, the introduction of new white collar crimes- such as insider trading- at one time virtually unknown , or rather the extension of criminal responsibility shifting over to companies as well. Even the most radical crimes of fraud and bankruptcy have changed over the years requiring expertise that is becoming more specific needing professionals in the field with a variety of specialties , that our firm Di Vizio & Venezia is more that capable of offering, thanks to our vocation for combining work with academic and scientific research. Within the realm of sports law we are capable of offering complete aid to clients, in there defence at CONI, or if necessary a petition to the TAS in Lausanne, and further advising in criminal procedures for sports fraud and anti-doping procedures.

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