Bagdanskis iLAW - Professional Law Partnership
Professional Law Partnership „Bagdanskis iLAW“ is Lithuanian law firm offering comprehensive advice in all important areas of business but we highly developed expertise in Labour Law and Corporate Law.We decided to do what everyone else talks about but never does till the end, and really focus on our clients. We strive to build long-term relationships with our Clients, with an emphasis on Client centric service. Our Client centric approach includes a commitment to personal attention and clear communication. It allows us to fully understand our clients' legal needs and develop comprehensive and innovative solutions on time.Our strategy is to provide our clients with such good service that they sole-source us on most the projects we do. The way our work is organized, the way we take our fees for services, the way we think - everything we do is focused on that objective.The firm's practice areas include:- employment law- corporate law- contract law- tax law- competition law- corporate insolvency- intellectual property law- advertising law- insurance law- real estate law- litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution.

practice areas

Alternative Dispute ResolutionAsset ProtectionContractsEnvironmental LawIntellectual PropertyInvestmentsLabor and Employment

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