Efthymios G. Navridis
Our firm has an enduring and successful history in combative advisory law.Founded in 1984 by Efthymios G. Navridis, who initially put all his efforts primarily into civil law, the office soon expanded into other sectors, bowing to the demands of modern times which mark the development and modernization of classic forms of law, but in particular the creation and expansion of new.In this effort he is assisted by a team of experienced and qualified partners, with the primary goal being the full scale cover of all legal issues of each case, the allocation of work load and the coordination of measures leading to a swift and complete protection of the interests of the client, and the achievement of the best possible - as each case warrants - decision.A combination of the experience of our older associates and the specialized knowledge of the younger partners, leads us to ensure the required outcome for the principal, planning an overall strategy which consolidates the decisions and interests of the principal in the best possible manner.As part of an ongoing effort to optimise and systematise the services provided by our office, we sought certification ISO 9001/2008 from the International Certification Body TUV HELLAS / TUV NORD. Thus, as of 2009 when we obtained the aforementioned certification, we operate in accordance with the standards and requirements as laid down by the International Standard ISO 9001/2008, a fact which entitles us to feel proud of the quality of services which we provide to our clients.Working Languages:English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Albanian

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