SINGULANCE is a premier international law firm that wants to propose an unusual model in legal services in Italy. The firm was conceived and created to manage legal and fiscal skills in multidisciplinary teams reflecting client needs. In addition to advising in the traditional areas of civil law, corporate and commercial – with national and international legal implications – the Firm provides expert legal services in litigation.SINGULANCE represents and assists heterogeneous clients, consisting of sophisticated individuals, corporations, groups operating on a national scale, multinationals, Italian and foreign institutions, private and public entities, individuals, entrepreneurs who invest commercially in Italy. The Firm excels also in providing legal advice in corporate and commercial transactions that involve Italy and the U.S. (market to which we pay particular attention), offering a wide range of additional services, such as translation of legal documents into English and vice versa.SINGULANCE is co-founder and exclusive member for Italy of the Legal Network Alliance, a sophisticated International Alliance of world leading law firms.SINGULANCE has offices in the most important italian cities.AREAS OF PRACTICESINGULANCE works with qualified experience in the main areas of civil law, commercial and corporate law, nationally and internationally. The advice in the above traditional areas are supported by an high level assistance in litigation; in European and competition law; in insurance, banking and finance law; in telecommunications, internet and multimedia law; in energy, environment and public services; in intellectual property rights; in real estate, in trusts and fiduciary services; in sports law.A department of the Firm is also made by attorneys and professionals that developed significant experience in administrative law, tax law, employment law and criminal law.Civil law, inheritance and family law.Stated the judicial and extrajudicial assistance in general areas of civil law (property, contracts, etc.) SINGULANCE cares in a particular way the legal issues relating to the field of family law, having gained considerable experience in judicial separation and in separation by mutual consent; in the change of  conditions of separation and divorce; in shared custody for children; in the recognition of a child support for children and those adults who are not economically self-sufficient; in the recognition of an allowance for the maintenance of natural children (born out of wedlock) after the “separation” of unmarried couples; in the recognition of alimony/maintenance; in the decay and weakening of parental authority over children.The field of civil liability is subject to particular attention, considering the increased development that this area has experienced in the field of personal injury.SINGULANCE offers a particularly qualified legal assistance regarding medical liability – upon the advice of its medical experts – in order to achieve a quantification of the various damage (biological, moral and existential) suffered. Other areas of liability treated concern the rights of the personality; the profiles of responsibility in corporate and commercial law, as well as carrying out  activities inherently dangerous with plausible potential liability extended to collectivity.Inheritance law plays a leading role in our Firm. SINGULANCE offers advice and judicial and extrajudicial assistance in relation to Italian and international Inheritances succession, having gained extensive experience in judicial protection in matters regarding the inheritance; in the drafting of wills; in the acceptance and transcription; in the litigation on the validity of wills; in the distribution of assets; in the division of inheritance.The phenomena of globalization and the increasing movement of people out cross-border import the multiplication of  inheritances with international character. SINGULANCE manages the most complex international inheritances, taking care of the relations between the different regulations in the countries affected by the succession.Corporate and commercial LawSINGULANCE provides legal assistance on commercial and corporate law to Italian companies (operating in Italy and abroad) and foreign companies (operating in Italy), during the incorporation and in any other stage of development.SINGULANCE has developed enviable experience, for example, in the drafting of shareholder’s agreements (parasocial agreements); in the drafting of national and international trade agreements; in the organization of joint ventures; in company’s reorganization; in the issuance of bonds; in the planning and structuring of mergers and acquisitions; in operations of atechnical acquisitions, made via transfer of share, performing if requested due diligence review of target operations; in the legal advice on corporate governance, on powers and responsibilities, internal and external to the company.SINGULANCE is often involved in setting up joint venture aimed at the management of public services; in the establishment of consortium, made up of associations of municipal companies of local authorities and private companies for the management of productive activities, like electric power production, water supply, waste management.In the field of commercial law, particular attention is paid to business contracts. The contract is the basis for the national and international regulation of the relationships Business to Consumer and Business to Business.Over the years we found that many of the contracts concluded even by large companies are “amateur”, not conformed to current legislation, characterized by an excessive burden or formulated in a way inappropriate to the satisfaction of the client’s real needs.An ill-managed negotiation whose result is the conclusion of contracts not “cut” on the client’s needs exposes it to underestimated significant risks.The increasing complexity of today’s corporate and business relations combined with the proliferation and variety of the national and international laws makes necessary the advice of professionals who are able to structure contracts not affected by nullity and ensure a thorough protection of the assisted client in dealing with counterparts (especially when the international agreement involves different legal systems), fully responsive to what the client needs.If so you should seek the assistance of professionals with navigate experience in negotiating and concluding contracts, no less important is the analysis of the contracts already closed without assistance. 
 This is the reason why SINGULANCE provides a sort of due diligence conducted on the contract concluded in the past, to new clients.The client will be made aware of their contractual situation in order that he can remedy the mistakes of the past.Due diligence includes, specifically, the analysis of the past contracts concluded by the client; the evaluation of the risks arising from the past contracts; a report regarding the remedies and contractual revisions, that can bring the trade relations in areas of legal certainty.Banking, finance and insuranceSINGULANCE has developed significant experience in insurance law, in bank and financial intermediation, in capital markets law, in restructuring operations. SINGULANCE, in particular, advises: on the setting up (ownership structure, capital requirements, etc.) of banks, financial brokerage firms and other authorized intermediares; on financial and insurance products transparency; on Corporate e Structured Finance; on credit securitization; on the drafting contracts (credit enhancement, investment contracts, liquidity agreement, receivables purchase agreement); generally in all phases of financing project; in the offer and placement of financial products (including derivatives and structured); in the placement of investment funds, Sicav shares, swap contracts, mezzanine financing and others stock financial instruments; in the restructuring of distressed debt; in the offer of «equity linked» and «reverse convertible», covered bond; in the drafting of  contracts relating to leveraged buyouts, equity and quasi- equity financing, cash-pooling agreements, internet banking, leasing and factoring.InsolvencySINGULANCE advises in the insolvency law area, assisting in financial distresses and business crisis situations; in the insolvency proceedings and in corporate reorganizations.SINGULANCE assists its clients, for example, identifying the most appropriate legal instrument to manage renegotiations of the debt and providing advice on proposals to be made to creditors; advices on the employment law implications; on the directors liability and the relationships with financial and industrial advisers; on the issues relating to the certification of the reorganization plan; on the drafting of motions and appeals for the restructuring agreements, etc. If pre-bankruptcy reorganization is not possible SINGULANCE assists creditors, potential purchasers of goods and companies in insolvency proceedings and advices the bodies of the special administration procedure.Telecommunications, Internet and multimediaSINGULANCE provides legal assistance to information technology, telecommunications and broadcasters companies.In the field of telecommunications the Firm advises on the legal framework and regulatory issues; on the approval procedures in dealing with the Public Administration; on the drafting of commercial contracts; on the relationships with suppliers of technology and content; on the preparation of contracts for the carrying out of activities offer; on the employment law and corporate law implications.In the fields of internet and multimedia the legal services provided by SINGULANCE includes the drafting of the correlate contracts; the assistance in administrati

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