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Piotr Kaminski Robert Kaminski Kancelaria Radcow Prawnych Spolka Partnerska (Kaminski & Kaminski) professionally provides legal services primarily aimed at entrepreneurs, but also comprehensively deals with the legal services for individuals.

Regardless of whether the entrepreneur manages a large company or conducts an individual economic activity, their success depends upon reliability and flexibility in making smart business decisions in a situation of increasing competition and risk. Our Law Office helps you find the right way in the maze of complex and constantly changing legislation. We provide individual approach to every legal problem. While offering legal assistance, we do not limit ourselves to showing our clients the legal standards governing specific areas of their business, but we try to seek together optimal solutions, which are economically beneficial and tailored to the specificity of the Client's business. Individuals will receive the comprehensive assistance in our Law Office, which means an evaluation of the legal status of the case, including the identification of their claims and choice of protection methods. The Law Office deals with the case from the initial stage devoted to the preparation of documentation to the decision passed by the competent authority or the court.

In our Law Office you will not only find lawyers providing services at the highest level, but also partners, on whom you can always rely and who can understand and solve effectively every legal problem. Trust our experience and qualifications.

The Law Office offers its Clients flexible forms of settlement, tailored to the nature of the outsourced activities and complexity of the case, taking into account the time necessary to complete assigned tasks. We strive to establish such principles of remuneration fixing that will be clear and transparent for our Clients, and allow determination of its final amount at the stage of entrusting the Law Office with the case. The basic forms of settlements with Clients used by the Law Office include:- The Law Office offers a monthly lump sum, including a number of lawyers' hours agreed upon, for constant legal services provided to the entrepreneurs. Once the agreed limit of remuneration is exceeded, the remuneration will be determined on the basis of hourly rates.

- The Law Office proposes to determine the remuneration on the basis of the statement of lawyers' hours for consulting related to the investment projects and real property transactions.
- We propose the remuneration divided into a lump sum and a part calculated as a fee for success, which is an essential part of the entire remuneration, for cases involving tax and financial optimization.
- Providing legal assistance to individual Clients - natural persons, including the return of expropriated real properties, the Law Office suggests that the Clients should agreed upon the remuneration based on not exorbitant lump sum and an additional bonus for gained success due at the end of the case.

- Comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs - the main area of activity of the Law Office is to provide comprehensive legal services for Entrepreneurs. Our services in this field include, in particular: ongoing corporate services; providing legal advice concerning the law in force, according to our Clients' needs: in the Law Office, on-site, by telephone, electronically; preparation of opinions, information and explanations concerning the law application; creation, change, termination of contracts concluded under the civil law, participation in the negotiation related to contracts; participation in negotiations and mediation conducted by the Client, which aims to establish, modify or terminate a legal contract or settle a dispute in an amicable manner; acting as a legal representative in court proceedings, before any other adjudicating authorities and bodies, and also in relation to third parties in civil and administrative matters; ongoing monitoring of changes in laws and informing the Client accordingly.
- Antitrust law - advising on antitrust law became one of the essential elements of our offer while providing the legal services to Entrepreneurs. The activity of our Law Office in this area includes: conducting internal audits of Clients' trade policy, in particular through the analysis of documentation, including distribution agreements, framework cooperation agreements, as well as internal documents with respect to charges against imposing onerous provisions of contracts, distribution agreements, price cartels and other antitrust torts; advising on business and marketing strategy, as well as preparing internal documents and agreements in a manner designed to avoid allegations of breaches of competition law while providing clients with opportunities to strengthen their market position; representing the Clients of the Law Office in proceedings in antitrust cases - especially before the OCCP and CCCP; producing and directing notifications to the President of the OCCP about the existence of legal basis to institute proceedings for infringement of the Act on competition and consumer protection; consultation on information to be provided in response to the request submitted by an antitrust authority and related to the manner of dealing with inspections carried out by the OCCP; making expertise and legal opinions concerning the issues of unfair competition law; representing Clients in the proceedings concerning unfair competition acts; conducting training in antitrust law.
- Corporate Law - an important element of our offer is to provide legal assistance in the field of corporate law to the Polish and foreign Entrepreneurs. Our offer includes in particular: specialized legal assistance to the Polish and foreign Entrepreneurs, including domestic and foreign investors, in the field of complex legal services for capital transactions, particularly mergers and acquisitions (M&A); developing, together with tax consultants and accounting departments of our Clients, optimal business forms and business projects in terms of taxation; developing premises for capital restructuring, establishment of holding companies, consortia of companies and capital groups with particular emphasis placed on commercial companies; services provided to the companies' bodies (management board, supervisory board, shareholders' meetings, general meetings of shareholders); representation in registration proceedings of entities subject to registration in the National Court Register; providing legal advice on the company law; drafting of agreements, statutes, regulations and other acts governing the functioning of businesses and their bodies.
- Financial and Tax Optimization - we understand that our Clients seek to optimize their activities in terms of finance and taxation. To meet the expectations of our Clients, the Law Office cooperates with law firms and consulting companies in the field of taxation, finance and audit, including advisers from foreign tax jurisdictions. As a result of such cooperation, we offer our Clients: development of an optimal form of business; participation in the development of optimal tax structures, including taxation with the use of entities established in the foreign tax jurisdictions; tax and legal auditing of an enterprise and implementing compliance programs; development of proposals for the interpretation of tax law; assisting in the preparation of documentation on transfer pricing; tax optimization of investment processes.
- Real Property Law - one of the main activities of the Law Office is the provision of complex legal advice on trading in real properties. Our activities include in particular: legal assistance in efforts to acquire a real property, including the audit of the legal status of a real property; regulating the legal status of real properties, including in order to allow development in accordance with the intended commercial purpose of a real property; development of an optimal form of real property acquisition or disposition in terms of law and tax; preparation of contracts to buy or dispose a real property; preparation of contracts related to the development, management and the commercial use of a real property, including drafting of lease agreements, tenancy agreements, agreements for use and other agreements related to giving a real property for temporary use; preparation of and negotiation related to agreements to provide financing to buy a real property and investment; advising on the establishment and restructuring of collateral on real properties; advising for investors in the field of real property development, in particular the preparation of and negotiation related to the contracts with contractors involved in the construction process, involvement and support in the selection of contractors; consulting for real property agents, as well as designers and other consultants and building contractors during the preparation, negotiation and performance of executed contracts; consulting and carrying out the activities to achieve administrative decisions necessary to implement the investment; representing before government and local government authorities, as well as before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, to the extent related to such issues as the investment process carried out on a real property, setting fees planning, expropriation of a real property.

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