Grozdan Grozev, Attorney at Law
I practice mainly in the area of Criminal Law and Penal Procedure and, as an exception, if the occasion should demand that, I could take up cause in other law branch.

Criminal law
- European Arrest Warrant
- Extradition
- Tax Fraud
- Securities Crimes
- Investment Fraud
- Insurance & Healthcare Fraud
- Embezzlement;
- Money Laundering-
- Bribery & Extortion;
- Racketeering;
- Organized Crime;
- Murder;
- Assault;
- Kidnapping;
- Sexual Assault;
- Drug Possession & Trafficking;
- Weapons Possession

- Development of the argumentation for the chosen position and preparation of documents;
- Assistance in achieving reach an out-of-court settlement;
- Representation in relationships with any authorities at all levels;
- Support and assistance in the enforcement of court decisions;
- Trial in the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and IndustryCorporate law- Independent legal examination (Legal Due Diligence);
- Support to mergers and acquisitions;
- Entity restructuring and reorganization;
- Assistance in registration and winding up of entities;
- Legal aspects of corporate management;
- Formation and optimization of holding structures;
- Antitrust regulation;
- Securities;
- Creation of joint ventures and support for their activity;
- Corporate governance procedures;
- Good standing expertise.

Real Estate Transactions
- Legal expert examination of real estate;
- Preparation and analysis of the documentation connected with construction projects and real estate transactions;
- Assessment of legal risks associated with real estate transactions and development of recommendations regarding their minimization or removal;
- Structuring of real estate transactions.

Labour law
- Amplification of individual contracts and collective bargaining;
- Preparation of internal normative acts regulating relations in the negocación (Rules of Procedure of work, staffing and so on.)
- Professional reorganization, transfer of workers, changing conditions of employment contracts, downsizing or number of employees;
- Amplification of remuneration and reward system.

Additional programs for workers: draft social equity (options to purchase shares) of supply pension programs and insurance;
- Promotion of securitization;
- Consultation on issues of job protection and transfer of material values;
- Protection of confidential information;
- Appeal proceedings, protocols and records;
- Representing the interests of the parties in labor disputes.

Competition law
- Legal conclusion on issues of antitrust law;
- Legal analysis of business and preparing documents for submission to the antitrust service agencie;
- Receiving permission (adjusted) of antitrust service agencie;
- Other services

- Tax advice;
- Preliminary assessment of tax implications of planned transactios and investment projects;
- Legal review of actions and decisions of tax authorities;
- Protection of interests before courts with regard to tax matters

Representation in insurance litigations
- Preparation of legal opinions on insurance matters
- Main areas of expertise: Third party liability insurance, Household and property insurance, General third party liability insurance, Financial risks and guarantees insurance, Medical malpractice insurance

practice areas

Administrative LawCriminal LawInsuranceLitigation

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