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Lellos P Demetriades Law Office (the office) is a practice established in 1955 which over the years has been advising and litigating on behalf of local and overseas clients. It consists of a number of qualified lawyers practising in Cyprus who have been called to the English Bar and/or hold law degrees from English, Greek or US universities.Commercial and Company Law:The Office concentrates on commercial matters and has been extensively advising on business issues including the setting up of projects for general development of companies in Cyprus, competition law, contract law, company law, employment law, intellectual property and arbitration. As part of its commercial practice, the Office has been engaged in the drafting and advising on various kinds of commercial agreements and deals with specific Company law matters and has, in this respect, been extensively advising various businesses in the formation of offshore companies as well as in international trade.Competition Law:The Office represents clients before the Cyprus Competition Committee and has initiated and conducted a number of cases before the Committee and has advised on notifications in relation to the Concentration of Undertakings Law. It also represents alternative telecommunications providers and consumers before the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Services in the field of electronic communications services.European Union Law:The Office has been extensively engaged in the European Union harmonization process and has advised both the Government and the semi-Government sector, as well as the private sector, in matters relating to B.O.T. for Airports and Ports, Telecommunications Law, Electricity and Gas Law, Health and Medical Matters as well as Copyright, Patents and Trademarks. In particular, it has acted, through a team of international legal and economic experts, as legal adviser for the Republic of Cyprus in drafting the Law and Regulations for the Liberalization of Electricity and the Establishment of the Regulator for Electricity and Gas, offering legal assistance on the changes to be introduced concerning arrangements for competition in generation and supply and the establishment of a new energy regulatory authority.Information Technology, E-Commerce & Data Protection:The Office advises on the preparation of software licensing and computer contracts, as well as on electronic commerce transactions and web page design and operation matters. It also advises on Domain Name Registration, it is involved in preparing e-policies, employee rules of conduct, model terms and conditions for websites including Confidentiality, Privacy and Protection of Users. It provides legal advice on compliance with data protection and privacy legislation, including measures concerning unsolicited mail. Finally, it has organized various seminars on Information Technology and E-commerce. The Office is a member of the Information Technology Law Group Europe, as well as the Computer Law Association.Telecommunications Law:Where Telecommunications Law is concerned, the Office has provided legal advice in relation to two projects aiming at the liberalization of the Telecommunications market, assisting the Ministry of Communications and Works on the legal implications of spectrum management and monitoring procedures. It also advises telecommunications undertakings and Internet Service Providers on telecommunications licenses for networks and services as well as mobile communications, radiocommunications and broadcasting within the newly liberalized telecommunications market.Public Affairs:The Office successfully lobbied both the Government and Members of Parliament on behalf of international associations representing the Film, Software and Music Industries and has thus developed and expertise in public affairs. It also conducts anti-piracy activities on behalf of the film and software industry and as such has a wide knowledge of the entertainment industry in Cyprus.Intellectual Property Law:Over the last 15 years, the Office has developed an expertise in Intellectual Property and in particular matters relating to copyright, patents and trademarks. It has successfully provided advice in relation to amendments of the Copyright and Patents laws. It acts on behalf of international associations representing the Film, Software and Music industries and has been utilizing traditional causes of action in intellectual property in a creative combination, within the existing legal and administrative framework, to fight piracy. Within the above-mentioned set up it has provided consultancy services in co-operation with local and international interests as well as Diplomatic Delegations to Cyprus. It has thus developed an expertise in public affairs and in particular lobbying of the Government and Members of Parliament. The Office advises on protection under copyright and undertakes anti piracy actions as well as registration and litigation on Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Design and unfair competition. It also assists Customs and border control of IP rights and provides training on anti-piracy matters.Insurance Law:The Office has expertise on all the main aspects of insurance law and offers advice on matters including policy wordings, drafting of insurance policies, regulatory issues, setting up requirements and conducts litigation concerning motor accident claims, personal injuries, employers' liability, public liability, marine insurance.Banking Law:The Office has expertise on the main aspects of Banking law and offers advice on banking issues, drafting account, loan and security documentation as well as related litigation.Human Rights Law:The Office has expertise in Human Rights and conducts litigation before the European Court of Human Rights as well as the UN Human Rights Committee. It advises and litigates in domestic human rights issues including applications for asylum. It has, inter alia, successfully conducted the first case against Cyprus (Modinos v. Cyprus) as well as the first individual case against Turkey (Loizidou v. Turkey) lodged by a Greek Cypriot before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It has, recently, successfully conducted the Demades v Turkey and Xenides-Arestis v Turkey cases before the same Court.Litigation:Our Office litigation department covers all areas of law that we practise, dealing in matters such as insurance claims and disputes, debt collection, traffic accidents, employers' liability claims, personal injury claims, international trade law, trusts and equity, company and partnership disputes, land law, rent control and compulsory acquisition, construction disputes, tors and breach of contracts, employment law, intellectual property claims, human rights cases and administrative law.Ancillary Services:Finally, through two companies, owned and controlled by the Office and operation from the same premises, various ancillary services are supplied such as provision of officers for Cyprus registered companies (Directors, Statutory Secretary) and the Statutory address of the Registered Office of such companies.

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