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The law firm of Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co. was established on 1st January, 1981, by two of its senior partners. It now has a team of 21 lawyers, who are general practitioners and at the same time specialists in their own individual fields. All its members have had a varied education in Universities outside Cyprus and the firm is able to correspond professionally in at least four European languages, English, French, German and Greek. It is one of the largest law firms in Cyprus.Some of the partners of the firm are very active members in professional organisations internationally and have taken part as speakers during conferences, seminars and professional meetings, like the International Bar Association, the International Fiscal Association, the International Tax Planning Association, the Young Lawyers Association, the Institute of Trade Marks Agents, the International Law Association and many more. At the same time, members of the firm have published books, articles and contributions relating to Cyprus law, on a variety of subjects: business law, corporate law, taxation, off-shore business in Cyprus, arbitration law, injunctions, shipping and admiralty, intellectual property and international law.Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co. is the exclusive member firm for Cyprus of Lex Mundi, the world's leading association of independent law firms. Our firm is in fact one of the Lex Mundi founding members. It is also the Cyprus firm to TELFA (Trans European Law Firms Alliance) and WSG (World Services Group).The firm’s areas of expertise encompass among other the following subjects: Corporate law, Taxation, Banking, Secured Financing, Securities, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Litigation and Arbitration, Private and Public International law, Administrative, Employment and Family law.Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co has a worldwide clientele, representing both multinational and private clients but at the same time it maintains a solid local clientele. Through the firm’s long interaction with international clients, its participation in international professional bodies and its servicing of the Cyprus based client network, the firm has built a varied and balanced practice which combines detailed, multi-faceted knowledge of the domestic legal system with an international orientation.Dr. Kypros Chrysostomides, one of the founders of the firm, served as a member of the Cyprus Government (Minister, Government Spokesman) for 3 years, between January 2003 -2006. He was then elected a Member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus. Banking and Secured FinancingThe firm possesses wide and varied experience in banking law and related matters. In acting as legal adviser to a number of local and international banks, the firm deals on an everyday basis with questions arising from the account opening documentation used by banks, the operation and closure of bank accounts, bankers’ confidentiality issues, letters of credit, guarantees and the entire spectrum of banking instruments and products. The firm has indicatively advised banks on the preparation of account opening documentation, the proper execution of instruments, the impact of new pieces of legislation, the effect and implementation of regulatory requirements and guidelines. Legal work relating to project financings in Cyprus as well as abroad is a considerable part of the firm’s everyday practice. In representing a number of both local and international banks in secured financing transactions involving Cyprus entities, the firm was more recently involved in financing transactions concerning immovable property developments, telecommunications, shopping mall developments, hotel and office building developments and ship financing. As part of these projects, the firm’s team is involved with the review and/or the drafting of the financing and security documentation, advice on the creation and perfection of different types of securities, advice on corporate and tax matters, stamp duty and proper execution of documents.Competition LawOver the last few years, members of the firm have become increasingly involved in various matters of competition law. The firm has gained experience in rendering advice to a number of institutions (accountancy firms, airline, catering, security companies and banking institutions) on numerous competition law issues, primarily for the purpose of ensuring that any proposed agreements or actions will not be deemed anti-competitive by the Commission for the Protection of Competition Law in Cyprus (the Commission). The firm was involved in a number of presentations before the Commission during which arguments were successfully presented in support of various transactions and for the purpose of rebutting allegations made against clients for anti-competitive agreements or concerted practices. A number of notifications for proposed mergers have been prepared for submission to the Cyprus Commission together with other relevant documentation required to complete such transactions.Constitutional, Public and Administrative LawThe team in the Litigation Department has extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of public and administrative law and practice. The firm regularly advises and acts on behalf of clients before the Supreme Court of Cyprus in cases concerning the constitutionality of national laws, the protection of human rights and generally all matters relating to the acts, decisions and omissions of administrative bodies that are prejudicial to the rights of citizens. The firm also undertakes the filing of administrative recourses before the Supreme Court regarding the appointment or promotion of civil servants.Corporate LawThe firm represents a large number of local, multinational or foreign companies, it advises on the full range of corporate services from start-up to completion of incorporation, on the drafting, negotiation and implementation of shareholders’ agreements, on the incorporation of shareholders’ agreements in the Articles of Association of companies, on the companies’ management and annual operation, including capital increases, equity contribution, differentiation of class rights. The firm is engaged in rendering advice on business reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, public offerings, dissolutions, internal corporate procedures and it often undertakes legal due diligence and issues capacity opinions on the goodstanding of companies, proper execution of corporate actions and generally on all corporate law matters. Further information on the listing of companies can be found in the Securities Section.Criminal Law and LitigationThe firm has had significant experience in the field of criminal law, mainly in connection with fatal accidents, road traffic offences, strict liability offences, dishonoured cheques and non-fatal offences against the person, including assault and battery.Cross-border TransactionsThe firm has extensive experience in cross border transactions involving Cyprus entities, most of which are part of wider tax planning, corporate consolidation or secured financing structures. These involve the review and/or drafting of the framework agreements and ancillary documentation, advice on a wide spectrum of issues including tax, securities, corporate and other concerns, the drafting and/or review of joint venture agreements, the due diligence, review and/or setting up of corporate structures and all related matters.Distribution and Commercial Agency AgreementsThe firm has wide experience in drafting Distribution and Commercial Agency Agreements as well as reviewing and advising on the compliance of such Agreements with Cyprus Law, the termination thereof and the effects and remedies for their unlawful termination.Employment and Migration LawAdvising on, negotiating, drafting, and concluding contracts of employment; advising on the termination of employment contracts, the provisions of the Termination of Employment Law, including its provisions concerning redundancy; representing parties before the Industrial Disputes Court or the District Courts. Advising on the creation and registration of employee provident funds for businesses as well as associations having the legal form of societies or institutions, whether of a charitable nature or not, advising on the administration and ongoing filing requirements of employee provident funds. Considerable assistance is provided to companies established and/or represented by the firm in obtaining work and residency permits for their employees, whether executive or non-executive. Applications for citizenship, permanent residency are also being dealt with.European Union LawThe firm possesses experience in European Law. It was involved in the process of harmonizing Cyprus laws with the acquis communautaire by drafting several pieces of national legislation. It has participated in the conduct of various multi-jurisdictional surveys on a number of aspects of European Law including data protection, general product safety, emissions allowances, transmission, distribution, supply and storage of natural gas, pharmaceutical law, telemedicine, antidumping. The firm regularly advises clients especially on data protection, marketing of products over the internet, food supplements and substances, energy and natural resources, and generally on the interpretation and application of all forms of European Union legislation such as the treaties, regulations, directives and decisions. The firm is also involved in litigation over the applicability and interpretation of European Union law in Cyprus.Family LawFamily law is an important part of the firm’s daily practice and expertise which requires sensitivity, tactfulness and a detailed knowledge of the subject matter. The firm's lawyers advise clients and represent them before the Family Court in cases involving divorce, child maintenance and custody dispute

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