Corporate Practice Law Firm
Corporate Practice Law Firm renders full range of legal and consultancy services necessary for the Russian and foreign companies at every stage of their business in RussiaOur services are grouped into the following categories:- Start-Up Legal Services;- Legal Services for New Companies;- Legal support of day-to-day business activity;- Transactional services;- Real Estate & Construction;- Intellectual Property;- Labor Law.  We will help you to:- create optimal structure of your business in Russia and internationally;- establish, reorganize, liquidate legal entities, branches and representative offices in Russia and abroad;- provide new organizations with all necessary documents (e.g. corporate and local acts, template agreements and agreements connected with the main activity, etc.);- establish correct legal contractual relations with your counter agents in Russia and abroad;- successfully conduct negotiations with Russian and foreign partners;- protect your business (including protection in relations with state authorities, business partners and other stakeholders) both at the initial stage of your business, and afterwards;- conclude transactions in relation to the sale / purchase of business (including sale purchase of shares in Russian and foreign companies);- purchase capital assets, including real estate;- execute construction projects in the territory of the Russian Federation;  - conduct all necessary types of legal due diligence (corporate, contractual, labor, real estate, intellectual property, environmental etc.);- establish optimal ownership structure for your intellectual property objects;- support your day-to-day business activity in Russia by hiring us to act as your lawyers or to help your lawyers;- organize seminars for you and your employees on the most interesting issues of Russian and international law and practice.

practice areas

Construction LawIntellectual PropertyIntellectual Property LicensingLabor and EmploymentReal Estate

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