Dr. Rozgonyi Anikу Law Firm
Our firm was founded in 2007 by Dr. Aniko Rozgonyi and Dr. Kalman Gyarfas.  They created the firm to combine their valuable experience in i) understanding client needs and  ii) providing  national and international clients with quality service. Our clients include private individuals, companies and non-profit organisations.  We provide our advice not only to Hungarian clients but also to English and German speaking clientsCompanies usually rely on us to advise them in the following legal areas:- Company Law - Labour Law- Tax law - Commercial Law - Dispute Resolution (including litigation, arbitration and mediation) - Real Estate Law- Health Care Law When our clients are private individuals, rather than companies, we can offer them a wide range of services in connection with the following types of matters: - Real Estate (sale and acquisition, lease contracts, land transactions) - Inheritance / Probate Actions - Family law - Labour law - Tax law - Immigration matters- Advising foreign emloyees regarding labour contracts, manager agreements, taxation and related matters - Representation before courts and authorities.

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