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Adalet consulting LLC is a law company which activity is governed by principles of confidentiality and responsibility in relationships with clients. Our lawyers are among the ones who over the years laid the foundations of many successful businesses for many current customers of our company. Our clients are Moldovan citizens and foreign nationals (physical or juridical persons) that lead business in the Republic of Moldova or have other interest in the country.Moreover, during their activity, our lawyers have developed lasting professional relationships with clients and lawyers specializing in various fields, all these being an important catalyst in maintaining contact with professional practice. What makes us different from other juridical companies is that we not only pretend to have certain qualities, but we have shown and continue to prove this. In order to help its clients, the company has established partnerships with public notaries, court executors, accountants or financial consultants, with offices of experts in various fields and with other independent professionals. Our lawyers are dedicated to the profession with full responsibility, being competent in the areas which were dedicated.Therefore we can declare that we are one of not many moldavian juridical companies which put basis of the real tradition in regard to clients. Our practice is expanding in all areas of commercial law, providing advice from a legal point of view of national companies, foreign or multinational companies operating in Moldova.We provide legal services to our clients at a high professional standard and in our areas of specialty we compete with much bigger professional societies. We are appreciating in what we do and we are known for our tenacity. In conclusion, we are a team that can find the best solution for the problems that you have, and when it does not exist, we can open new horizons for your business.

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