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Legal bureau Shikelja and Partners offers a full range of legal service which is required both by national and foreign clients while doing their business. At the same time in the sphere of the special attention there are such branches of law, as judicial representation, the tax law, the real estate law, the contract law, the intellectual property law, the labor and the conventional law. Legal bureau Shikelja and Partners supports active business contacts with the legal companies of Russia, Ukraine, the countries of Baltic, the USA and other countries of the world that allows our clients to receive high-quality legal service while implementing projects of transboundary character.Legal bureau Shikelja and Partners represents community of highly skilled lawyers-licensees. Our team unites experts in the field of certification and hygienic registration, patent attorneys, experts in legalization of documents, translators and notaries also.Our purpose is to render professional legal service. Thus we model and we optimize the processes bringing concrete result, we fulfill our duties not mechanically, and with an individual approach, we achieve not a once-for-all effect, and we aspire to constant efficiency.Our means and resources first of all are knowledge, experience and logic. We don't invent a way, we find initial and final points, and then we connect their shortest piece. ALL KINDS OF LEGAL SERVICES IN BELARUS, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, THE COUNTRIES OF BALTIC:1. Full legal support of all aspects of their business activities from formation todissolution of companies2. General Business Law3. Purchase and sale of a business including due diligence4. Labor disputes and relations5. HR-office6. Franchising7. Government Contracts8. Venture Capital & Private Equity9. Mergers & Acquisitions10. Improvement of organizational structure of the enterprise, preparation of the conclusions on perfection of work of the enterprise11. Formation and organization of corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and other business organizations12. Commercial Dispute Resolution, commercial international and domestic arbitration13. Debtor and Creditor Law14. The help at reception of all kinds of licenses (the HELP In SELECTION of the NECESSARY PERSONNEL)15. CERTIFICATION, ACCREDITATION16. Foreign trade activities: consultations, support of transactions17. Representation of interests in state structures, drawing up of objections on certificates of state structures18. Services in certification and hygienic registration19. Services of patent attorneys20. Transfer, notaries assurance, legalization of documents21. Support of investment projects22. Phone and email advice on a wide range of legal matters including taxation, customs procedures, foreign trade and currency transactions; international transportation; economic and administrative responsibility; constructions of contract relations with counterparts; workings out of optimum schemes of movement of the goods (services) and calculations under transactions; creation and activity networks abroad and many other items in the field of law.

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