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Harris Kyriakides LLC is among the leading law firms in CyprusEstablished since 1976, it has emerged as the largest law firm in Larnaca and one of the most prominent Cyprus law firms. We offer wide-ranging legal services in Cyprus, including advice and representation in complex litigation and transactions involving Cyprus law across a wide variety of market sectors.

Our teams comprise experienced Cyprus lawyers, with an excellent track record, committed to integrity, efficiency and excellence.

At Harris Kyriakides LLC we have a clear vision to provide the best possible service to our clients. In this respect, we operate on the basis of a set of principles that aspire to set out standards of excellence in its relevant field. These principles are implemented through various mechanisms in the firm and are consistently monitored and assessed. Through these principles and our continuous investment in knowledge and people, we aspire to be recognised as a leading commercial law firm in Cyprus, capable of meeting the needs of our clients for legal services on the island. Our values comprise the following:Integrity.

We act at all times to the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity. We run conflict of interest checks in every single matter and we disclose to all clients the full picture of any conflicting interests that may come to play.

Confidentiality.  We are committed in ensuring that all information is fully protected and documentation that is provided to the firm is maintained confidential and is only accessed by authorised individuals.

Timely response and information.  We strive for diligence and efficiency in all matters entrusted to the firm. The firm is committed to meet deadlines, even if this involves work outside normal working hours.

Quality and comprehensiveness in legal advice. We try to give the client a comprehensive package of legal advice, even if the matter in question is related to different practices or sectors. We do not favour monolithic responses, which only focus on some aspects of the matter and neglect or underestimate other aspects.

We always seek to maintain quality in legal advice, so as this to become useful and meet the client’s needs.

Result based approach. Our main interest is not to produce a piece of legal advice but, rather, to find solutions to the real problem in question.

We are dedicated to compile strategies to address the problem and co ordinate implementation.

International Reach. We fully appreciate the international connections in almost any modern transaction.

We maintain and enhance our firm’s international capability in many ways.

We employ people from different backgrounds and countries. We maintain well established alliances with leading European law firms and legal networks across Europe, the U.S. and Asia, with whom we co operate to provide comprehensive legal advice on matters with international ramifications and to implement major cross-border projects or transactions.

Specialisation. The firm operates on a departmental basis, covering nearly all aspects of legal practice and maintaining specialised lawyers, advocates and legal consultants in their own expertise.

Team Work. In almost all matters, team work is in play. Our teams are designed to focus on our clients' needs and objectives while being in tune with the local legal, cultural and business environments.

Policies. We are pursuing policies, both internally and externally, for the long-term good of the firm.

Excellence in information technology. We are consistently implementing cutting edge technology and we are consistently pursuing technical excellence in our chosen fields of practice

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