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Law Company BELSYS is pleased to offer You any kind of legal assistance in Your investment projects (incl. full support of a project) as well as in a full range of other business activities! Operating on the legal services market for a long period of time, having qualified specialists and knowing the needs of our clients, we are willing to offer you a wide scope of high quality legal services aimed at protection of the interests and rights of our clients in all spheres of business activities including setting up companies, representation in courts and arbitration, consulting on investment projects, taxation, and many others. Due to imperfection of our legislation it is almost impossible to track all the nuances of business activities, be aware of multiple acts of legislation. Unawareness of their existence or improper application can lead to significant negative consequences. Do not risk your business, turn to us for professional help! Our stuff will offer you the best solutions to Your business aims and problems. Law Company BELSYS specializes in legal assistance of such matters as: - Investment;- Transport relations;- International commerce and customs legislation;- All kinds of litigations incl. international commercial arbitration, mediation etc.;- Company registration, reorganization and liquidation;- Licensing and certification;- Company labor relations;- Intellectual property protection, registration of trademarks;- Tax planning and optimization.

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