Manoilov Abrashev Daskalova & Nikolova
The firm was established in April 1999 by four Bulgarian lawyers and operates within the traditions of Bulgarian legal practice; that is, it is a partnership between the partner-advocates who are all members of the Sofia Bar. The founding partners of the firm established the partnership on the basis of long-term professional relationships forged while working on various projects over the last five years. Individually, the partners have substantial professional experience in Commercial and Business Law. Before joining the firm, each of the partners has worked on several investment, banking and company acquisition projects. The partners also conduct litigation work and are fully able to assist you in any court action that may be necessary. A particular specialisation of the firm, however, is Energy Law, which has resulted in advisory work for some of the major infrastructure investors in the region. The firm has provided significant legal help for its various clients, whether they be Bulgarian, foreign companies or joint ventures, in Corporate and Concession Law, Foreign Investment Law, Project Finance, Local Utilities, Privatisation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Property Law & Taxation, Labour Law, Joint Ventures, Litigation, Arbitration and Administrative Procedure. The firm has successfully assisted clients from Western Europe, Russia and the United States and all the firm's lawyers continually develop their skills in close contact with the client to adapt to their specific needs and traditions in business. A good, pan-European, corresponding lawyers network has been created by the firm's partners. This guarantees the standards and competitiveness of the services provided in comparison with any in Europe or worldwide and facilitates effectiveness in multi-jurisdictional matters. There are some fundamental principles of the legal profession, which are taken by the lawyers of the firm as the foundation of their practice. Full confidentiality (including the names of clients), permanent and uninterrupted "online" connection with the client and keeping the client correctly informed on a regular basis are just a few of these principles. The firm is able to advise in the following languages: Bulgarian, English, German, Russian and Italian. The firm is also developing broader advisory skills related, but subordinate, to its legal work, covering such areas as company business consultations, team management training, negotiation skills training and business partners' communication skills training. Our associate business managers, specialists in consultancy matters, are developing these activities.

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ArbitrationCorporate LawLabor and EmploymentLitigationMergers and Acquisitions and DivestituresProperty LawTaxation

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