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Law firm Karlo Novosel, was founded in 2008, it ensures services and support in all law areas.  What has become our imperative in this short period of work is individual approach and complete professional concentration on each client and legal procedure.Karlo Novosel was born in Zagreb, in 1981. He has always been educated in classical way. In 1999, he enrolled in the Catholic Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Law in Zagreb where he became the master in 2005. During his study he showed special interest in Roman law, company law, commercial law and maritime law. In 2005, he became law trainee in Law firm Vedriš & Partners and a lawyer in the same firm. There, he specialized in commercial, corporative law and company law. He has achieved valuable experience in litigation, enforcements and administrative procedures (especially dispossessions). He has passed his bar examination in 2007. He pays a lot of attention to conciliation as a way of dealing with disputes in front of numerous state and non state institutions.He is familiar with Latin and Greece, fluent in English, and knows basics of German and French.Currently he is a postgraduate at Faculty of Law in Zagreb where he specializes in commercial law and company law.Karlo Novosel, the lawyer, has well-defined aims in the firm that deals with giving legal help from all law areas with the stress on:- Law of banking and financing- Tax and customs law- Construction law- Immigration law- Investment law- Criminal law (economic offence)- Medical law- Media law- International law- International trade- International private law- Conciliation and  dispute settlement- Indemnification of damage- Family law- Law of obligations- General corporative law- Enforcement of court judgments- Company law- Insurance law- Court proceedings in contentious matters- Minor offence law- Labor law- Constitutional law- Bankruptcy law- Telecommunication law- Commercial law- Contract law- Administrative law- Land – registry law (real estate)

practice areas

Administrative LawBanking LawBankruptcyCommercial LawCommunications and MediaConstitutional LawConstruction LawContractsCriminal LawFamily LawFinanceImmigrationInsuranceInvestmentsLabor and EmploymentLitigationMedical MalpracticeMisdemeanorsTaxationTelecommunications Law

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