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NOVEL CONSULT has managed to built an impressive database of more than 500 clients, ranging from sole traders and entrepreneurs through international organizations and governmental agencies, all reaping the benefits of using our  NOVEL expertise. But we differ from our competition.  We can be distinguished by the combination of valuing strong relationships and good communication, broad experience in transacting in the Bulgarian market, positive relationships with regulators, excellent project management skills and a passion for the work, for excellence and for a client's needs. Certainly, winning cases and achieving a client's goals are important, but at Novel Consult we know that they're not everything. What matters more to us is how we treat our clients and how likely they are to work with us again. We want each and every one of our clients to see us as a part of their team of decision-makers - an ally with expertise in the law and business. At Novel Consult, we see it not just as our way of doing business, but rather as a better way of doing business.CORPORATE & FINANCE  - Banking and Finance  - Capital Markets  - Corporate Governance and Compliance  - Mergers & Acquisitions  - Privatizations  - Project Finance and Investments- Restructuring and InsolvencyENERGY & UTILITIES- Concessions- Power projects- Telecommunications- Transport Infrastructure- Water and Waste WaterEMPLOYMENT & SOCIAL WELFARE- Restructuring and downsizing of personnel, outsourcingLITIGATION  - Insolvency Litigation- Commercial and Banking Litigation- Labor Dispute ResolutionREAL ESTATE  - Real Estates, Construction, Household, LeaseholdTAX- Tax planning, tax dispute resolutionINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY- Trade marks, copyright, patents, designs, domain namesTRANSLATIONS- Translation of legal documents, including contracts, court documents, judgments, opinions, etc.

practice areas

Commercial LawIntellectual PropertyLabor and EmploymentLitigationMergers and Acquisitions and DivestituresTaxation

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