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We are a well-respected multilingual firm. We provide strong specialised cross-cultural expertise in all aspects of residential and commercial property law across Italy. We speak the same language as you, listen carefully to you, and work side by side with you to provide in-depth advice and individual solutions tailored to your needs. We are proud of our independence, take all necessary steps to ensure that our clients are kept fully informed of progress, and understand every stage of their transaction, without the need to attend meetings in our offices.We have the competence and the experience to defend your interests exclusively.We have no financial interest in whether or not you ultimately decide to purchase a particular property in Italy. This means that we would have no difficulty in telling you the truth, which in some transactions might be unpalatable – such as advising you not to go ahead. You are, of course, free at all times to decide not to take our advice. That is your decision, but we will always try to make sure you have all the elements you need to take your decision.We can also provide complementary services, such as an independent local surveyor (geometra) to carry out a preliminary structural survey of the property.We are able to offer you a transparent fixed fee, determined partly by the purchase price of the property in question and partly by the range and complexity of the services to be provided.Please never forget that litigation in Italy can be extremely slow and frustrating. You will find that the relatively small cost of obtaining legal advice (in comparison with the cost of buying a home) to be excellent value, if only for the peace of mind it affords.Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive further information concerning all our services.

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