PD Law Offices
Evolution, Innovation, Efficiency, Effectiveness, ConsistencyThese are the main characteristics of the leading presence “PD Law Offices”, since its establishment in 1941 by Emmanouel Pantelidis.At “PD Law Offices” we leverage the talents and resources of our firm to deliver effective advocacy and comprehensive, integrated solution in all areas of the law, across the Greece, and around the world.Our mission is to defend your interest and enable you achieve your goals by providing high quality client oriented legal services. We are building our reputation upon our commitment to excellence and our dedication to combine Professionalism with human approach; Efficiency and effectiveness with consistency; Equal treatment with respect to your uniqueness At “PD Law Offices”, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to handling complex transactions, litigation and regulatory matters, and in advising clients on a wide framework of legal issues to the following sectors:- Civil Law;- Commercial Law;- Administrative Law.

practice areas

Administrative LawAlternative Dispute ResolutionCivil LitigationCommercial LawInsurance

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