Eurolex Bulgaria Ltd.
Eurolex Bulgaria Ltd. is a consulting company, providing highly professional business legal, finance and accounting services to Bulgarian and foreign companies and individuals in their activity in multiple sectors of the dynamically developing Bulgarian economy. The company consults also public persons in connection with the economic and administrative reforms, implementation of big investment projects, branch management etc. “Eurolex” is working on many projects, financed by authoritative international institutions like the World Bank, The European Bank for reconstruction and development, The Japanese bank for international cooperation, The European investment bank, USAID, CIDA and programs like PHARE, ISPA and SAPARD. The company's clients are among the best adapted to the new market environment in Bulgaria representatives of the private and public sector.Since its establishment in 1997 the company made a name for itself as one of the leading companies on the Bulgarian consultancy market, mostly as a result of its highly qualified legal team and its steady policy of individual approach and high quality service to its clients.At present the “Eurolex” team includes 5 partners, 13 legal consultants and 4 associates. The company also has a qualified team of economists and accounting specialists, which allows a complete service of the trade activity of its clients. The legal and finance experts of “Eurolex” have graduated the most prestigious educational institutions in Bulgaria and have specialized in universities and educational institutions in the USA, France, Great Britain, etc.The company has long successful partnerships with some of the biggest international consulting companies like Cameron McKenna, Pricewaterhouse Coopers; Denton Wilde Sapte etc. “Eurolex” is a contractual party for mutual representation and partnership with Firon-Bar-Nir&Co. (Europe) Ltd., one of the biggest Israel legal companies. The company has agencies or partner legal offices in most of the big Bulgarian cities.EnergeticsIn the last few years “Eurolex” proved to be one of the most successful consulting companies in the sphere of energetics. The company works on big international projects with the Ministry of energetics and energy sources and the State commission for energy regulation (the regulatory organ in the sphere of energetics) for restructuring of the sector in correspondence with the modern market principles. Our consulting is directed to key issues like the electric energy market liberalization in Bulgaria, energy efficiency, development of a new market model etc. The company plays a substantial role in the creation of the new legal frame of the sector, by participating in the preparation of the draft for a new Energy Act and its harmonization with the requirements of acquis communautaire, as well as in the preparation of a great part of the sublegislative acts regarding the green certificate trade, specification and compensation of irretrievable costs, incentives for the use of renewable energy sources, etc. Together with a big international consultant “Eurolex” participates in the development and application of the first Bulgarian model of a management contract for a heating company as an innovational approach for attracting international investments in this sector. By the commission of the Ministry of regional development and public works “Eurolex” developed a strategy for the construction of small water-power stations, connected with the water and waste water systems. The company successfully develops its practice in this field, by offering legal consulting under the frame of specific investment projects for building of energy capacity on the water-supply system. The company dynamically develops its consulting practice, connected with investment for construction of new energy powers, while providing its clients with full legal service in connection with the construction process and obtaining the necessary license for activities in energetics.Water sector“Eurolex” is the leading legal consulting company in the water sector in Bulgaria. As a result of its unique experience as a legal consultant and coordinator of the only Bulgarian projects for attracting the private business in water supply and sewerage services – in Sofia city (successfully concluded in 2000) and in the towns of Varna and Shumen region (in process of implementation) – Eurolex completely dominates the consulting services market in this sector. By the commission of the Ministry of regional development and public works the company took part in the elaboration of the National development strategy for the “Water supply and sewerage” sector, by preparing the chapters, devoted to the general regulatory frame, real right regime of the assets and the opportunities for attraction of private investment. At the moment the company is a leader of the international team, that prepares a new law for the regulator of water supply and sewerage services in Bulgaria under the frame of a World Bank project. The company provides full legal service for investments of Bulgarian and foreign companies in the water sector, connected with construction of sites of water infrastructure, obtaining of permits for water use or for concessions on waters and hydroeconomic systems and equipment etc. “Eurolex” has prepared tens of legal, finance, ecological and social analyses for different ministries and municipalities in connection with granting of concessions on mineral waters, dams, micro dams etc.Telecommunications and mediaThe constantly developing practice of “Eurolex” in this sphere includes legal services in connection with the issue and change of license for telecommunication and radio and television activity, registration of radio and television operators, preparation and signing of advertising and sponsor agreements, representation before the Council for electronic media and the Commission for regulation of communication etc. The company’s experience in this sphere includes also consulting international media companies in connection with their investment in radio and television on the territory of Bulgaria. The company also provides full legal service to some of the most popular Bulgarian radio operators. The activity of “Eurolex” in the sphere of media also includes constant legal consulting for the trade activity of some of the biggest Bulgarian publishing houses.Foreign investmentsThe company’s activity in this sphere includes legal service to big international companies, connected with the establishment and development of their business practice in Bulgaria and investment in multiple sectors of the Bulgarian economy. “Eurolex” services include: registration of trade representation and a branch of a foreign person, constituting companies with foreign participation, tax registration, intermediation for visa and work and stay permit issue, consulting in connection with determining and applying of tax and custom duty and avoiding double tax assessment, as well as complete service of the trade activity of the foreign investor in Bulgaria. A great part of the company’s consulting activity is directed to investment by foreign persons and international organizations in immovable property in Bulgaria, a great part of which are connected with overcoming serious legal implications as legislative limitations for acquiring of certain real rights by foreigners, necessity of additional permits etc.PrivatizationOne of the priority tendencies in the work of “Eurolex Bulgaria“ Ltd. is the consulting activity in the sphere of privatization, including organization and management of a number of successful participation of clients in competitive privatization procedures. At the same time “Eurolex” provides legal consulting to public persons in connection with privatization of their stocks or shares in trade companies. The company’s activity includes performing legal analysis and assessments, preparation and submission of privatization offers, negotiations and signing of privatization contracts, as well as consulting, connected with their implementation and realization of the investment goals laid down in them. The privatization deals with the participation of “Eurolex” vary from obtaining assets of companies with tens of workers to privatization of basic enterprises and holdings with multiple subsidiary companies.Project management“Eurolex” is probably the only legal consulting company in Bulgaria, which performs complete management of big investment projects on behalf of public institutions. The company’s experience in this sphere comprises mostly projects in the sphere of transport, waters and energetics, financed by authoritative institutions like the World Bank, European bank for reconstruction and development, the Japanese bank for international cooperation, USAID, CIDA, etc. The company’s services include representation before financing institutions in connection with preparation and signing of credit or donor contracts, preparation of acts of state authorities (including the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly), necessary for the implementation of similar projects, coordination between project participants, preparation and conducting of tender procedures, participation in negotiations and signing of executive contracts, control over their implementation, representation before arbitration or court institutions related to debates over project implementation etc.Financing and bank law“Eurolex” provides legal consulting and carries out intermediary activity in providing bank financing for investment projects of trade companies or public persons. The company’s activity in this sphere includes preparation of c

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