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The law practice of Bader · Natsch · Straub was established in 1988 in Berne. A committed and well coordinated team of attorneys-at-law is at your disposal in local, national and international business and legal matters for consultation and litigation.You may expect extensive services from us in almost all branches of law, flexibility and availability of the lawyers who attend to you as well as impartiality and discretion.In international matters, the know-how of over 30 law practices are available to you through the worldwide network of law firms LAWorld around the whole world. Added to this, the exclusive representation in Switzerland of the Yangtzejiang Legal Network (YLN) with over 25 Chinese law practices is also available. The firm’s philosophy- We see our clients as partners.- We attach great importance to a trustful cooperation. Only this allows us to scrutinize arguments critically, to analyse risks and chances objectively, and to defend your position in the best way possible.- We feel obliged to represent your interests in a persistent and consequent manner. We try to find an amicable solution for you, but if need be, we conduct the litigation. If we represent you, you are relieved of the direct litigation.- Often legal questions cannot be planned for and come up unexpectedly. Therefore, we are at your disposal at short notice and outside normal working hours.- We carry out our tasks independently and discreetly. Being independent attorneys, we work without being given instructions – yours excepted. We respect the attorney-client privilege and treat your concerns with care and discretion.Branches of LawBusiness Law- Corporate law- Commercial law- Contract law- Competition law- Intellectual property rights law- International lawLiability and Insurance LawDebt Enforcement and Bankruptcy LawCivil Law- Divorce and family law- Law of succession- Property law- Trust law and Association lawAdministrative Law- General administrative law- Building and real estate law- Health law- Tax lawCriminal LawState and Constitutional LawsWe are admitted in all courts and administrative places in Switzerland for representing clients.As a team of generalists and specialists, we are in the position to give you competent consultations and to offer you comprehensive solutions to complex legal questions within a short time period.Individual persons, companies and legal associations avail themselves of our services.  We look after individual as well as long-term mandates, mainly in the following areas: - Consultation / Expert Opinion- Contracts- Litigation- Arbitration- Legal services to companies- Mandates as members of Board of Directors and Board of Trustees- Association’s secretariats- Mergers & Acquisition- Project Management- Real Estate Consulting Pro BonoThe term Pro Bono (lat.: for the good, for the sake of the public good) means an engagement for a good thing, without profit-oriented background or such motives. For our law firm this means that no fee is demanded for the respective consulting activity.  Our law practice had undertaken its first Pro Bono project in 2003: in the juristic support of the Label STEP, a trust for fair trade conditions in the production and marketing of carpets, with its main office in Berne, Switzerland. The Label STEP is a small Swiss NGO, which is active in the area of fair trade both nationally and internationally and is specialized in the area of handmade carpets.  The Label STEP does not have its own legal services and has to therefore rely on external juristic consultation in case of need. So we were able to support the trust in manifold legal areas (employment contracts, cooperation contracts, license contracts, consumer law, trademark and intellectual property rights). By cooperation and counseling the Label STEP through all the years, it has resulted in a very trustworthy work together that has been rewarding for both sides.  As a result, a delegation from our law firm with representatives of the Label STEP were able to undertake project trips together to the countries, where carpet production is important to the country, such as Morocco (2005) and India (2007).  These trips have left an unforgettable impression in the minds of all the participants. In the course of the year 2006 the Label STEP and the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) have resolved a merger. The merger, which has been legally prepared and supervised by our law firm, has been finalized meanwhile. By doing so, the Label STEP does not disappear, but instead their fields of activities will continue in the future as a new business unit within the Max Havelaar Foundation.

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