Law is everywhere; in the business as well as private environment, in Switzerland as well as internationally. At v. FISCHER you will find competent assistance in all legal and tax matters and more.As a client of v. FISCHER you will profit from the service of attorneys who all add their contribution to reach one goal: the protection and furthering of your legitimate interests. At v. FISCHER you will be introduced to one of our partners who will be your contact person and whom you can trust and rely upon. If needed, we create working groups which act on your behalf. This lateral thinking results in the competence, the efficiency, the continuity and therefore the quality you'll encounter at v. FISCHER.Our clients are companies, public as well as private institutions and private persons. v. FISCHER combines a tradition of well over 100 years with the dynamics of today. We work with modern means in the capital of Switzerland, the political center of the country. The services offered comprise legal and tax advice, expertise as well as representation in court and mediation. Notary services are provided whenever you need them. Thanks to our associated law firms abroad we represent your interests on an international level too.Please find further information concerning our commitment to your rights on our homepage. Companies and TaxesThe success of a company depends to a great deal upon its standing on solid ground. The requirement for such a foundation is legal security on all levels – national and international. This is why the strongest area of our firm's practice is in corporate law.v. FISCHER is by your side and contributes value-adding strategies and solutions in all areas of business and tax law – with experience and relationships which are often decisive. Our consultation begins with the founding or acquisition of a company and reaches to the sale or succession process. We support you by drafting contracts, planning and leading reorganisations (M & A), protecting your intellectual property – and any other services you need. Our know-how encompasses various branches in the areas of industry, trade, banks / stock exchanges, insurance and real estate.Since practically all these transactions have fiscal consequences, we especially focus on tax planning and optimisation.Public AdministrationYour legal relations with the Swiss federation, cantons and municipalities are subject to public law. Finding your way through it sometimes requires the assistance of a navigator. Now and again it can also be necessary to oppose the public administration. With offices in Bern, v. FISCHER is at the very heart of the matter. We have acquired decades of experience through dealing with the relevant authorities and have numerous vital connections at our disposition. We have special expertise in construction and planning law, environmental law, expropriations and public tender law. That is why not only companies and private persons but also the authorities themselves trust v. FISCHER.Liability and InsuranceInsurance plans are meant to create security. Still they do not protect from accidents, illness or other occurrences of fate which can change your life completely. They also do not prevent disputes about responsibility, liability and damage. This concerns you as a private person, an employee or an employer, company or an executive of a company. At v. FISCHER experienced attorneys will help you to find your way through these difficulties. Your interests will be protected during negotiations with social insurance authorities as well as private insurance companies, and include representation in court. In addition we are there for you should you be confronted with liability claims or be the subject of criminal prosecution. You can count on v. FISCHER when it comes to defending your rights.Real Estatev. FISCHER offers you extensive and solid consultation concerning real estate which is far beyond mere legal advice. We support you as a private person when buying or building your home or real estate as an investment. After the acquisition of real estate we will support you with custom-tailored solutions, dealing for example with management as well as rental or fiscal matters. Institutional investors are treated with the same competence concerning real estate transactions (buying, selling, restructuring) as well as the administration of the upkeep. Thanks to our experience at v. FISCHER we will also take on the project management for the planning of large real estate projects. Our proximity to real estate agencies creates interesting synergies for you.Family and Inheritance LawComprehensive, detailed and absolutely confidential consultation in family and inheritance matters has a long tradition at v. FISCHER. Just as we administrate and secure large family trusts and estates over generations, we are also available to young persons and families who wish to receive legal advice on marriage, concubinage as well as adoption and family law. Should a separation or divorce become necessary, we will help you with discretion and empathy. Concerning the law of inheritance, we are there for you should you wish to create a will or a testamentary arrangement by way of a mutually binding contract, as well as when you wish to create a foundation, have the administration of your inheritance, the execution of your will or the representation in an inheritance claim taken care of.Contracts / Notary ServicesThe right contracts are essential to reach one’s goals in the business as well as private arena. These not only need to be tailored to meet your requirements right down to the details but also need to stand their ground in the case of a dispute. v. FISCHER can help you. In the business context we can assist you for example with setting up shareholders’ agreements, employment contracts, general terms of business, sales and distribution agreements, licence agreements etc. In the private context we arrange and execute, among others, the necessary notification of your marriage and inheritance contracts. In connection with real estate we work out sales agreements, the creation of condominium property, contracts concerning servitudes, division into lots, rent contracts and more. Should a public notification be necessary, our notaries are at your disposal.Conduct of Cases / Collection by means of compulsory executionOne’s own view of one’s rights does not always correspond with that of other people. When unable or unwilling to agree in a dispute, the resolution through a trial is sometimes inevitable. v. FISCHER advises in advance concerning the legal situation and implications for your chances and risks. Should a case seem futile we would advise you in your own interest to abstain from a court procedure. Under different circumstances we will make the best possible preparations and represent you in court – whether for a civil, administrative or criminal claim. We will pursue the case with determination, but also with fairness.You will also find support at v. FISCHER concerning collections by means of compulsory execution and the law of bankruptcy. Only proceedings which are carried out correctly and on time are met with success. Restructuring, financial reconstructions and proceedings before the magistrate in bankruptcy can save companies and jobs. In this important area we will take the necessary actions for you.

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