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WENGER PLATTNER has its origins in a law firm that was founded in Basel in 1970. With more than 60 lawyers, WENGER PLATTNER is now one of Switzerland’s leading commercial law firms and has offices in Basel, Zurich and Berne. Although we are independent, we maintain excellent connections with numerous law firms worldwide.Our domain is in the area of commercial law. Our focus is on corporate and contract law, restructuring and insolvency law, IT/IP law, and real estate and construction law. We also have particular expertise in various specialty areas with examples being life sciences, arts and entertainment, sports law, estate law and arbitration. Our notary’s office in Basel offers notarisation services of all types, and especially those relating to business transactions in accordance with German contract and corporate law.We provide legal advisory services and are able to further the interests of our clients before state courts, arbitration panels and administrative bodies. Many of our lawyers have had further training in foreign countries or gained their qualifications there, and are not only able to advise our clients in our official languages (German, French and Italian), but can also assist you in English and, to some extent, in Spanish and Portuguese.OUR PRACTICE AREAS: Art Law and Entertainment LawWe advise and represent artists, collectors, arts firms, event organisers, sponsors and cultural associations. We conduct collective negotiations with the collecting societies for companies, institutions and professional associations, and advise on lawsuits in the areas of theatre, musicals, visual arts and literature. We provide art architects with advisory and forensic services. [ more ] Banking and FinanceWe provide consultancy services in concluding bank and finance contracts as well as in the area of banker’s executive care, financial market issues including initial public offerings, takeovers and investment funds. [ more ] Competition and Anti-Trust LawAdvising domestic and foreign companies in Swiss and European competition and anti-trust law. Legal representation of companies before the domestic regulatory authorities, and in competition proceedings before courts in Switzerland. [ more ] Constitutional and Administrative LawDealing with constitutional and administrative law issues, securing permits, representation in administrative and court proceedings including tax matters, expert opinions, and advice on questions concerning legislation. [ more ] Contract LawThe conception and drafting of functional, comprehensible and enforceable business contracts. [ more ] Corporate Law, M&AAdvice concerning mergers, restructuring and reorganisation, acquisition and sale of companies or company shares, completing joint ventures (in particular public private partnerships) and shareholder agreements, share redemption, auctions, public takeovers, management buy-outs and all related financial matters. Developing the optimal transaction structure, due diligence, obtaining public permissions, drafting, concluding and implementing all necessary contracts. [ more ] Criminal Law and Judicial AssistanceAdvising and representing our clients in all areas of criminal law, including insider transactions, money laundering and violations of stock market rules etc. Representing injured parties and accused persons before criminal courts and administrative bodies. Representation and legal support in domestic and international official and judicial assistance cases, particularly in support of banks and financial institutions and their clients. [ more ] Family Law and Estate PlanningAdvising and representing clients with regard to succession planning and estate planning (incl. execution of wills). [ more ] Insolvency and RestructuringAdvising and representing creditors and debtors in national and international debt restructuring and insolvency cases. Conducting reorganisations, and acting as solicitors and liquidators in debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. Litigation in the areas of national and international insolvency, restructuring and enforcement. [ more ] Intellectual PropertyDrafting protection concepts, representation of clients in registering intellectual property, defence of intellectual property rights against third parties, compiling exploitation concepts through license agreements, franchise contracts, merchandise contracts, and transfer of intellectual property rights. Conducting of intellectual property proceedings. Conduct of IP due diligence in the context of company acquisitions or complex financial contracts. Conducting tariff negotiations and litigation with collecting societies. Advice and conduct of proceedings in the communications area. [ more ] IT and Telecom LawLegal advice for enterprises in the pharmaceutical, chemical and financial industries as well as for administrative entities with regard to the planning and implementation of IT supply and outsourcing projects. Support and advice for IT firms, software providers and distributors, and customers in the drafting and negotiating of IT agreements (development, supply, sales, licensing and maintenance). Legal advice for telecommunication companies and customers of communication systems with respect to co-operation agreements. Advice with respect to regulatory issues and questions of law in connection with the development of terrestrial and mobile networks. [ more ] Labour LawDrafting of labour contracts and collective bargaining agreements. Assistance for enterprises with regard to the termination of employment, mass dismissal, and the design of social plans. Support for enterprises in obtaining working and residence permits. Protection of business secrets and assignment of intellectual property rights to employers by labour contract. Labour law issues with regard to M&A transactions and outsourcing projects. [ more ] Liability and Insurance LawDevelopment of reasonable risk strategies, consulting services in legal and commercial aspects concerning insurance placements, conclusion of insurance contracts, handling of all insurance claims on the part of customers and of insurance providers. [ more ] Life Sciences and Health LawAdvising national and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as companies in related industries (nutrition, agriculture, food), hospitals, medical practitioners, pharmacies and other healthcare providers. [ more ] Litigation and ArbitrationAdvising and representing domestic and foreign corporate and individual clients in disputes before Swiss courts and administrative authorities, and domestic and foreign arbitration tribunals in all areas of private and commercial law, including insolvency matters, enforcements, judicial assistance and precautionary remedies. Assumption of arbitrators’ mandates. [ more ] Notarial ServicesA number of lawyers in our Basel office are also civil law notaries who are licensed to execute a range of exacting notarial matters (including notarisations of business transactions and resolutions as well as contracts in property law, family and estate law, corporate and foundations law; notarisation of transfer of companies and businesses, mergers and other business transactions, also according to German corporate and contract law. [ more ] Real Estate and Construction LawGuidance in all commercial and legal matters related to real estate. This includes private construction law (law relating to contracts for services, tenancy, leasing, property law and law concerning the respective interests of neighbours), public construction law (incl. special legislation e.g. dispossession and submission law) and the purchase and sale of real estate. [ more ] Sports LawAdvising and representing sports organisations, event organisers, athletes, agencies, commercial enterprises and media companies regarding sports marketing, sponsoring, broadcasting rights, and law of associations. [ more ] Tax LawAdvice in the area of direct and indirect taxation and levies. Development and implementation of taxation planning for businesses and individuals, also in an international context. Representation in taxation related proceedings. We have a proven network of external specialists with whom we regularly cooperate on complex issues of taxation law. [ more ] Transportation and Shipping LawAdvising transportation and shipping companies and their customers. Representation in legal proceedings with regard to transport damages and breach of shipping agreements.

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