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Whether you are contemplating marriage, divorce or some other family change, it can be a difficult time - full of emotion and uncertainty. All family relations inevitably create an array of legal scenarios and potential consequences that can be quite challenging, especially if handled alone.During these emotional times, when the future is at stake and finances are questioned, one's most precious investment - family - may suddenly be unfamiliar. However, with the committed help of an experienced family law attorney, all these issues can be addressed, with both compassion and commitment.We at the Family Law Group expertly and carefully explain the Ukrainian laws that apply to each individual situation. Our legal team is adept at helping clients understand the "big picture", so that every client can make the best possible choices for themselves, and for their family. Our unique combination of legal, and people, skills include:- Integrity- Knowledge of the law- Tenacity and sound judgment- Effective communication and interpersonal skills Every client is different; each case is distinct. Everyone who faces a personal family matter deserves to be treated with dignity, and each case is dealt with confidentially, protecting your privacy to the fullest extent of the law.If you need to make a life-changing decision, consult an experienced attorney - call the Family Law Group. Initial consultations are available by appointment, free of charge.Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" practice, whether you are contemplating marriage or seeking a divorce.With any form of family representation that we provide, be assured that you will be listened to, that you will be treated with respect, and that we will strive to do what is best for you and for your family every step of the way.Our range of sophisticated family legal services is diverse, where expertise is key and efficiency is essential to the best possible outcome.From pre-nuptials to wills, from divorces to child support, our team is adept and qualified to provide comprehensive council and representation. It takes a unique combination of skills in a lawyer to help people any challenging, life change.If you are seeking a life change, don't delay the decision to seek an experienced attorney. Enjoy peace of mind by letting us help you create a viable strategy for your future and get on your way to a new phase of life, today.Practice areas- Property rights- Termination of parental rights- Alien spouse and foreign relatives- Annulment- Child custody and visitation- Child support- Establishing Paternity and maternity- Common-law marriages- Divorce- Obligations- Pre-nuptial Agreements- Post-nuptial Agreements- Requirements for marriage- Separation- Alimony- Spousal support- Surrogacy in Ukraine

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