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The law company Dmitrieva and partners is one of the most professional companies and has been successfully existing on the market of Ukraine since 1994. Our company renders a great variety of legal services and is in the lead in the sphere of real estate, land legal relationships, investment, economic law, taxation, corporate law, foreign-economic activity, privatization, bank and insurance law, reorganization of enterprises, protection of intellectual property, representation of interests of clients. In spite of the fact that highly skilled lawyers of various directions are employed, we all the same consider economic-legal relations to be our main specialization.The wide network of clients, constant and active cooperation with numerous firms and companies, with official bodies and organizations, prove the authority acquired during this time and the reached successes.We take part in realization of many complex and significant legal projects: large international investments, issues of financing and privatization, and also representation of interests of clients in the court and the problems connected with state regulation. Gained experience and deep knowledge of legislation are our undeniable advantages. Our experts have got practical skills in the sphere of corporate activity, securities, finance, state regulation and taxation. We are also experienced in solving the problems originating as a result of frequent changes, deficiency and collisions in the local legislation.We press towards rendering the most effective service to our clients; therefore we prefer work on a constant basis that allows complete analysis of the client’s activity and complex approach to performance of essential issues.Employees of our company constantly improve their professional level by visiting corresponding courses and participating in specialized seminars, conferences, freely speak one or several foreign languages. Almost all of our lawyers have the advocacy certificate, and they are members of Bar Association of Ukraine and members of Association of lawyers of Ukraine. Director of the company Olga Dmitrieva - is a member of the International Bar Association.Despite of the set of complex legal problems, language and cultural barriers, budgetary and time restrictions, our lawyers invariably achieve high results at funds saving. High quality of service, extensive contacts, exclusive professionalism of lawyers, an individual approach to the minutest details of business of each client confirm that Dmitrieva and partners is the indispensable law partner. The law company Dmitrieva and partners is the owner of the Diploma of the Winner of a contest  Recognition - 2004  in a nomination  the Best law company in the market of the real estate of Ukraine - 2004 , hold on 09.10.2004 within the limits of II specialized exhibition-forum  The Real estate. Financing. Outlook-2004  with assistance of Association of lawyers of Ukraine and Association of experts on the real estate of Ukraine.According to the results of the research conducted by the newspaper The Legal practice, Dmitrieva and partners has been annually one of the 50 leading law companies of Ukraine since 1998.We offer our clients optimal solving of their problems and we are completely responsible for our advice.Today highly skilled experts with profile specialization in various aspects of law work in the company. Nevertheless, the basic specialization of our company is still economic-legal relations.We constantly improve the professional level of the employees by visiting corresponding courses and participation in specialized seminars and conferences.Our experts render services in Ukrainian, Russian and English.Our company is experienced in organization and holding of specialized seminars and conferences.We also improve our technical aspect - today our clients have an opportunity to get our services through the Internet that saves their time and essentially enhances efficiency of the questions solving. The software we use, allows to keep all the information confidential. Also our lawyers have an opportunity to work with various legal bases, both in the Internet, and on other carriers.Our lawyers specialize in the following law directions:- Civil law- Economic law- Tax law- Corporate law- Intellectual property- Criminal law- Foreign trade activity- Investment activityAiming to render the most effective services to our clients, we prefer co-operation on a constant basis as it allows complex servicing that gives us the opportunity of a complete analysis of the client’s activity and a fundamental approach to solving of arising problems.At the conclusion of the contract the structure and number of legal services is defined individually depending on character of the client’s activity.The lawyer fixed to the client goes into the root of business of the client, studies the most often arising problems, and gets acquainted with the staff. Other experts can be involved in solving of the especially complicated issues.To date, the issues connected with the real estate are topical in our country. The market of the real estate does not remain outside of the field of vision of the experts of the law company Dmitrieva and partners.We are always ready to provide consultations, brokerage services and to protect interests of our clients. Unfortunately, for today there are few companies carrying out complex servicing in the sphere of the real estate. The majority of law companies are not engaged in legal support of transactions of the real estate, and real estate agencies are engaged exclusively in selection of objects, not providing legal support, and as a consequence – proper attention is not paid to those difficulties and problems which the client can face after registration of the transaction. And it is a very essential and an important issue, as the client becomes the owner of the object burdened with various controversies, and can face a lot of difficulties restraining his legitimate proprietorship.Dmitrieva and partners is universal on this point. There are skilled realtors working with us which will carry out careful selection of the real estate objects and assume all troubles concerning lawful registration. Highly skilled experts will analyze legality of the previous transactions and reveal existence of claims of the third parties, prospects for occurrence of legal controversies on this object. In case of need, lawyers can fight interests of the client in judicial instances.Participation of experts of the law company Dmitrieva and partners also consists in carrying out marketing of the real estate market, estimation of risks of marketable, legal and tax character. Besides we can prompt how correctly to purchase the object from the point of view of the tax laws and how the transaction should be represented in business and tax accounting.In the sphere of civil relations connected with the real estate, experts of the law company Dmitrieva and partners render such complex of legal services:- Consulting services concerning the real estate and land legal relations;- Protection of interests of the parties - participants of the transaction at sale and purchase of the real estate and corporate rights;- Support of lease and purchase of non-residential premises, selection of office premises;- Transfer of premises from housing premises into non-residential and vice versa;- Drafting, legal examination and registration of lease contracts, sales contract and other contracts connected with the real estate;- Issues of wadset operations with the real estate;- Preparation of documents on the real estate subjected to the wadset, examination of the wadset contracts;- Support of the charge on the mortgaged real estate property;- Marketing of the real estate market;- Legal and economic case prosecution on the issues connected with the real estate;- Valuation of the real estate;- Consulting on inheritance issues;- Privatization of the real estate objects;- Preparation, coordination and support of the conclusion of sales contracts and lease contracts with bodies of fund of state property of Ukraine.

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