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Güven Law Office was founded by Ahmet Özlen Guven (1943-2003) in 1969 and A. Zeren Guven joined in 1975 followed by A. Selim Guven in 1992. The office is currently managed by A. Zeren Guven and A. Selim Guven. With its experience of forty years, Güven Law Office offers legal service to regional, national and international developments.Ahmet Özlen Güven, founder of Güven Law Office, was born in August 9th, 1943 in Izmir. He has graduated from Istanbul University Law School in 1966.He was known for his expertise in particularly administration, commercial, tax and property law and as the leader of Guven Law Office, successfully has carried on legal consultancy for businessmen and leading companies engaged in activities in various sectors both in Izmir and Turkiye.Along his leadership in Guven law Office, he was also one of the legal counsels of Turkiye İş Bank Aegean Region Headquarters for 20 years. Ahmet Özlen Güven has unfortunately passed away in 2003 in Netherlands. He had a successful career, apposing his signature under many special and important businesses also know for his personality as a gentlemen always stretching to intelligence, high legal principles and carried on his professional life during his illness with big determination.He shared his professional life since 1975 with A. Zeren Guven whom he got married in 1970. He was survived by his wife, two sons and two grandchildren.We kindly remember Ahmet Özlen Güven with great respect and grace.Practice Areas- Administrative Law- Agency and Distributorship- Business Law- Competition Law- Corporate and Commercial Law- Contracts- Energy Law- Execution and Bankruptcy Law- Franchises and Franchising- Foreign Investment- Healthcare Law- Intellectual Property Law- Inheritance law- Labor Law- Leases and Leasing- Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution- Mergers and Acquisitions- Partnership Law- Planning, Land Use and Zoning- Privatizations- Real Estate and Construction- Transportation Law

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