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Güneş Law Office situated in Antalya provides legal advice and attorneyship services at national and international level through its contact offices in Kemer and Ankara. It provides legal support for problems of native and foreign real and legal persons regarding real property, inheritance and family law and for every kind of procedures from counseling to the settlement of an action in fields of banking, finance, commercial law, insurance law, foreign investments and contracts.Güneş Law Office operates protective law mechanism in solving possible problems that may arise while establishing legal relations with conciliation methods in compliance with general principles of law through providing counseling services in institutional terms regarding investments made by native and foreign investors in Turkey.At this stage, Güneş Law Office, eyeing sensitive balances of commercial life closely, presents analytical, practical, rapid and the most advantageous legal solutions in accordance with the requirements of the globalized world.Possible gains and risks of a suit are explained to the clients for conflicts bound to be settled by an action; steps to be taken and strategies to be followed are practiced upon the approval of the clients. Phases and developments of a suit are presented to the clients both in verbal and written ways.On the other hand, our law office works in cooperation with other law offices and persons and institutions that are experts in their fields at national and international level in order to provide a never-ceasing and rapid service and present this service to its clients.Our contact office in Ankara gives assistance to our office for applications to be made to the related ministries and institutions, especially to the Competition Board and Public Procurement Institution and for procedures followed in order for our foreign clients to receive work permit and investment permit.During conducting these services, Güneş Law Office adopts preserving its clients' every kind of information and documents not open to public as a principle in accordance with confidentiality and responsibility principles.Icrapro (enforcementpro), Avukatpro (Attorneypro), YTS, Corpus Regulations and Opinion, Kazancı Data Bank, Dynamic Opinion, E-Opinion, Mevdata (Regulations data) Opinion and Regulations and Judicial World programs are used in our office in order to be able to provide a better service for our clients.Our office offers service in Turkish, English, Italian, French, Russian and German.Our MissionTo represent our clients and Turkish law both in homeland and abroad in the best way within the framework of supremacy of law, confidentiality, professionalism and quality principles; to settle possible problems that may arise while establishing legal relations and afterwards with conciliation methods in compliance with the general principles of law. Our VisionTo ensure permanence through creating differences in direction of the principles of supremacy of law.PRACTICE AREAS- COMMERCIAL LAW AND COMPANIES- LABOR LAW AND UNIONS LAW- COMMON LAW AND INHERITANCE LAW- BANKING AND FINANCE LAW- FOREIGNERS LAW- FOREIGN TRADE AND CUSTOMS LAW- CAPITAL MARKET LAW- INTELLECTUAL AND PATENT RIGHTS- ENERGY AND MINE LAW- COMMUNICATION, TELECOMMUNICATIONS LAW- INSURANCE AND TRANSPORTATION LAW- REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION LAW- CRIMINAL LAW- CIVIL AVIATION LAW- MARITIME LAW- COMPETITION LAW- EUROPEAN LAW- EXECUTION AND BANKRUPTCY LAW- ADMINISTRATIVE LAW- FAMILY LAW- JOINT VENTURES- ARBITRATION- DIRECT FOREIGN INVESTMENTS- CORPORATE RESTRUCTIONS- HOTEL MANAGEMENT, LEASING AND FINANCING- CORPORATE MERGERS AND TAKEOVERS- TAX LAW- LANDLORD&TENANT LAW- SPORTS LAW- HEALTH LAW- TOURISM LAW- RESPONSIBILITY AND COMPENSATION LAW

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