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VARADINOV & CO LAW OFFICE:- has been established in 1990, but most of the members of our team have started their carriers long before that time;- is an alliance of freelance professionals, tempted to constantly develop and improve within the juridical world of contemporary Bulgaria;- represents a mean to meet the challenges of the Bulgarian social transition, commensurable with the lifetime of an entire generation and rising legal issues, whose successful resolving is our contribution to the creation of the contemporaneousness.WE:- count on our united skills to find the best solution of the cases we affront;- follow the rules of law;- rise our clients’ legal problems into priority;- seek the optimal result in our work and achieve it;- are continuously developing and perfectioning.Since the very beginning of our team work Varadinov & Co Law Office has been focused on providing legal services to corporate clients, therefore the commercial law has become our core area. The interests of these clients have enlarged and profounded the directions of our development in various aspects of law and business, focusing on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments, concessions, banking law, tax law, corporate finances, real estate law, telecommunications, intellectual property, administrative law, civil litigation.Corporate and Commercial lawWe guide our clients in choosing the most appropriate juridical form for their business, and advise them on the mode of management and representation, the limits of the powers of the respective corporate management bodies, the capital and financing of the company`s activities; we co-operate during negotiations between business partners; prepare legal analyses of the companies (corporate due diligence); draft various commercial agreements (sale, purchase, rent, leasing, commission contracts, freight forwarding agreements, transportation agreements, commercial representation and agency agreements, contracts for construction works and the related exploration and project agreements, building control agreements, insurance contracts). We provide our corporate clients with consultations regarding the transformation and reorganization of the commercial company (share transfers, mergers, joints, divisions), establishment of branches, subsidiary companies, trade representation offices, registration of off-shore companies.InsolvencyOur team provides consultations and juridical support in cases, related to the commercial insolvency. We defend our clients` interests in opening an insolvency procedure and represent them throughout the stages of the court procedure.Banking and Financial lawOur practice in the area of finances and bank law is based on a broad experience acquired through working with banks, financial institutions, corporate clients and physical persons on a local and international level - drafting bank agreements and collaterals - bank guarantees, special pledges, mortgages, preparation of documentation for drawing and servicing bank loans and co-operation in conducting negotiations.Tax lawWe advise our clients with respect to the tax planning of the company, avoidance of double taxation, corporate and individual taxation, and represent them before the tax authorities. We defend our clients` s interests in cases of administrative and court appeals of irregular acts, issued by the tax administration authorities. We provide contacts and participation of chartered accountants.Real Estate lawThe specifics of the market of real estates, as well as the exceptional interest, shown by local and foreign clients, has led to the creation of a wide firm profile for real estate transactions including the preliminarily legal analysis (property due diligence) of the respective real estate, verification of the ownership right documents, verification of the compliance of the executed construction works with the law requirements in cases of sale-purchase of buildings (parts of buildings), drafting preliminary sale-purchase agreements, participation into the negotiations, notary deeds preparation, representation before the court with regard to ownership right protection.Intellectual PropertyThe protection of the intellectual property rights of our clients represents a specific accent in our team` s work for the foreign investors exploring the opportunities of the Bulgarian market as well as the local companies receive legal advice and consultations regarding the copyright protection, registration of trade marks, patenting of inventions, utility models and industrial designs before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. The protection of our clients ` business interests is related as well to the drafting of license agreements, agreements on know-how transferring, franchise agreements, preliminary researches for existing legal rights of intellectual property in the respective area of business interest.Information and Telecommunication Technologies lawOur practice in this area is developing with significant dynamics, we represent our clients - potential candidates - throughout procedures for granting transmittal frequencies and obtaining license for television and radio operators, we draft the basic agreements for starting and operating the activity of the approved candidates, including the agreements on building the communication transmitting networks and providing internet services. Our team prepares the set of necessary documents and represents the telecommunication operators before the Commission for Regulation of Communications in relation to various licensing and registration procedures.Labour and Social security lawWe have acquired a significant experience consulting our clients with regard to their individual labor relationships, drafting multilateral and individual labor contracts, management contracts, elaborating internal regulations for labor and labor discipline. We advise our clients regarding the optimal arranging of labor relationships and settlement of labor disputes between employers and employees, re-structuring and termination of labor relationships, including pension and social security schemes, professional qualification. We represent our clients before the court with respect to the various aspects of the relations employer-employee.ConcessionsThe experts in our law firm consult the clients - potential participants throughout the stages of the procedure for granting concession rights for objects exclusive property of state or municipality, participate into the negotiations, draft concession contracts, co-ordinate agreements between the shareholders in cases of combined forms of participation, following in the meantime the legal issues indirectly related to the specific case and preparing the documents required for the relevant proceduresPrivatization and Foreign InvestmentsOur team includes experts with long term experience in consulting privatization transactions. They will lead you in a competent and active manner through the various stages of the privatization procedure - legal analysis and preparation of documentation for tender, negotiations, drafting the transaction documents, subsequent registration of the ownership changes before the court.Administrative law and procedureWe represent our clients before the administrative authorities with regard to the issuance of various permits and licenses required to start and manage business in Bulgaria. Our team prepares sets of documents and consults the clients with respect to the various administrative procedures, providing an overview of the legal consequences and recommending an appropriate strategy corresponding to the economic interests of the clients. Our practice spans wide range of administrative procedures - issuance of labor permits, permissions for short or long term residence of foreign citizens on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, acquiring, restitution or abandonment of Bulgarian citizenship rights, protection of clients` interests before the Commission for Regulation of Communications, the Electronic Media Council, the Competition Protection Commission, the Customers Protection Commission.Litigation and Arbitration lawWe prefer the prevention, not the court dispute, therefore we aim at contributing to finding out-of-court solutions of the disputes our clients are parties to - via negotiations, voluntary performance of contractual duties, agreements, etc. Nevertheless, when the contractual relations of our clients have developed in a manner, which inevitably leads to a court intervention, we represent them and defend their rights and legal interests through all the instances of the court procedure. We represent our clients before the arbitration courts of the Republic of Bulgaria, advise them regarding the arbitration clauses of their agreements and draft out-of-court agreements. Our litigators have multilateral experience in the civil procedure - civil, commercial, labour, tax and administrative cases as well as procedures related to recognition and execution of foreign judicial and arbitration awards by the Bulgarian court.

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