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Founded in 1998, Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal) added yet another professional firm to TAGorg’s wide group of internationally acknowledged firms, which are recognized as the largest group of professional service providers in the Middle East.TAGlegal is currently a global business law firm that includes more than 400 lawyers and professionals, allocated all around the world to provide you with the best legal advice and professional service.Our expanding network of 70 offices based in the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa and Asia and international associations enables us to excel in delivering multijurisdictional legal services.Our attorneys and in-house lawyers work harmoniously from our strategically located offices, offering the best services to local, regional, and multinational clients.Abu-Ghazaleh Legal offers the business community a new concept of legal services by benefiting from the unlimited resources and qualifications available; in addition to adhering to profound ethical standards and a pronounced commitment to excellence. We have committed ourselves towards exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing them with optimum legal service, groundbreaking solutions and first-rate representation from a diverse team of professionals united by a desire to undertake challenging, exciting and refined legal work. Our professional atmosphere is competitive, cooperative and cost-effective and we always exert our utmost effort to help maintain the high level of quality which we are famed for worldwide. We strive to be known worldwide as the leading business and corporate law firm in the Arab World, and to provide perfected international and regional legal services. Abu-Ghazaleh Legal is more than just a profitable legal organization; because we have a vision that surpasses the usual materialistic schemes. Our unique team of qualified attorneys always strives to stay first, by constantly setting up new concepts of expertise for others yet to follow. Below are some of our most distinguishing values.- Client Comes First:TAGlegal directs its utmost attention, resources, experiences, and efforts towards attaining clients’ satisfaction; our services combine both high standards of efficiency, along with a keen understanding of the clients’ business. We actualize not just idealize what we preach; by providing our clients the best legal solutions that solve their problems and reduce their loss.- Commitment to Excellence:One of the most prominent factors of TAGlegal’s impeccable success is our constant efforts to always achieving no less than perfection. We are perpetually striving to distinguish our company as the premier law firm in the world. To achieve this, we must deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. Hence, TAGlegal  has started a Quality Assurance Department to keep our staff aware of issues that we cannot afford to disregard.- Transparency of Service:TAGlegal staff works in compliance with ethical rules that consequently grant our clients a sense of security in the transparency of our services and efficient outcomes. In addition to that, the confidentiality methods that we apply give a practical evidence of our professional reliability, efficiency and credibility.- TAGlegal Staff:TAGlegal  is proud of its carefully selected staff. When it comes to recruiting new members to our proficient team we have a very strict policy that only accepts those who are just as qualified; we persist on providing our staff a healthy environment that motivates teamwork and encourages collegiality between our in-house advisors. This guarantees our clients an even better service by providing them with unanimous decisions, which accordingly increase the precision of our services.- Interacting With The World:Being located in almost every business hub of the globe, absolutely no barriers can come between us and our clients wherever they are. Our distinctive network of attorneys includes more than a hundred different nationalities, allocated throughout the whole world to provide our services to every spot in the world. TAGlegal is very proud of its expanding list of regional and international clients, as well as our international class of applied standards. TAGLegal attorneys are professionally trained to successfully deal with all kinds of business transactions clients engage in. One of our basic success factors is investing a quality time with our clients; to carefully examine and analyze their prominent business goals. When dealing with international business, such analysis become an inevitable requisite to achieving proficient outcomes. This practical method brings us one step closer to efficiently identifying and applying the best legal reasoning to achieving clients’ objectives. Leading our clients’ commercial transactions towards international success is a unique hallmark of TAGLegal  that we gradually gained through hard work and determination to stay in the lead.Our services could be classified into the following major and related divisions: Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property is currently considered the most valuable contraption of successful companies worldwide. Due to the constant and rapid development of industries, both regionally and internationally, the demand for modified laws to enforce and protect IPRs has immensely increased. This asset of IP enforcement includes brands, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and much more.Laws And ProjectsTAGlegal provides multiple services and disciplines for the public and private sector as well as international organizations through a team of specialized experts. Our professional staff plays a crucial role in supervising, coordinating, and implementing the required assignments. In addition to that, TAGlegal’s management team oversees time schedules, monitors all deliverables, and provides technical assistance and the adequate expertise needed. The Special and Funded Assignments Department at TAGlegal’s regional office undertakes projects through submitting offers and proposals to potential clients upon solicitation or publicly announced notices for tenders and bids.Our services entail preparation, advisory and implementation services, they include but are not limited to:- Advising on Strategy and Policy, Regulation, Capacity Building- Executing Sector and Specialist Studies. - Studying Alternatives and Giving Recommendations.- Advising on Institutional Reform and Sector Policies. - Providing Best Practices and Innovative and Integrated Solutions.- Offering Legal Consultancy Services.- Drafting and Reviewing Legislations.- Offering Transfer of Knowledge Programs.- Providing Regulatory Environment Restructuring.Corporate and Foreign Investment Service: TAGlegal is also one of the leading companies in the region and around the globe that manages all the commercial and legal dealings of its clients. Thanks to our on growing universal network, we are able to deliver our professional services to all extremes of the earth.One of the things that distinguish us as TAGlegal is the fact that we incorporate all types of foreign investments, including Offshore Companies: We assist newly established and offshore companies to grow and become acknowledged competitors in the international market. So, in order to provide the best legal and professional advice, our Corporate and Commercial Department carefully operates everything related to our clients’ business transactions. TAGlegal’s team of Corporate and Commercial experts undertakes legal transactions for both entities and individuals, registers companies, offers sound legal advice, and handles all clients’ legal and business agreements regardless of their companies’ locations. TAGlegal’s Corporate Department professionally delivers the following services:- Incorporation, Foreign Investment and Offshore Companies- Due Diligence- Tax Law and Labor Law- Banking and Finance- Advertising Law- E-Commerce Section- International Trade and CustomsAlternative Dispute Resolution:Because we work hard to stay first, TAGlegal established a comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program that encompasses a wide range of services and consultancies. TAGlegal’s ADR professionals’ innovative approach to dispute resolutions combines both effectiveness and promptness through addressing the clients’ concerns in lieu with all international regulations, and best applied procedures.ADR practice at TAGlegal is designed to provide consultation on a wide range of organizational and individual matters. One of our prominent goals at the ADR program is to continuously emphasize and advocate harmonious relations among business transactions.ADR services and consultations available at Abu-Ghazaleh Legal include some of the following:  1. Mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation.  2. Designing conflict management systems for public and private corporations.  3. Complete intellectual property case management and resolution.  4. Resolve domain name disputes in accordance with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).  5. ADR training for management and staff.  6. ADR certification programs for Neutrals World Wide Legal Services TAGlegal handles cases and litigations and provides legal counsel worldwide, even to all countries and states in which local offices have not yet been established.Through our in-house experience and worldwide network of attorneys and associates, the company, represented by the Continents Legal office, provides legal consultations to any entity that intends to file or respond to legal proceedings in more than 90 different jurisdictions. Legal Informatics TAGlegal is proud to be the first to establish a department solely dedicated to providing up to date information regarding the latest applicati

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