MON-LEX is the fruit of more than fifteen years of solid experience in the field of Commercial Law and the provision of legal and financial services to companies, businesses and investors.Strong from years of practice and experience in a number of specific areas, MON-LEX is an expert in legal matters, a fact confirmed by the loyalty of its clients, some of whom are leading companies within their own sector.MON-LEX is expanding steadily and strongly across the globe, with branches in Spain, the Dominican Republic, the USA, Mexico, Portugal and Cape Verde.Besides, it collaborates with lawyers'offices in Tunisia, Cyprus, Morocco, Bulgaria, Jamaica and Bahamas.José AF de Alarcón Roca and Antonio Serra Serra are the founder members of MON-LEX in Spain.As a solicitor and a business legal consultant, JA Alarcón has been linked to the commercial world since 1987. His knowledge of Commercial and Labour Law as well as his own specialisation in Tourism Legislation and International Investments, prompted by the world-wide expansion of his clients, have contributed to the steady increase and proven expertise of the whole legal team. Joining forces with the foreign lawyers'offices who have been collaborating with him for many years is definitely part of his future plans.Towards the end of the 1980s, JA Alarcón made some contacts with legal companies in countries in which the expansion of the tourist trade called for a professional service with some guarantees. The first link to be established was with the Santo Domingo office (the Dominican Republic) and joint ventures have been on the increase ever since : the USA, Mexico, Portugal, Jamaica, Tunisia, Cyprus, Cape Verde, Morocco, Bulgaria, Bahamas, etc ...Since 1994, Antonio Serra Serra has been contributing to the international expansion of various Spanish firms related to the tourist trade by planning the company development and the fiscal system applicable to each of the target countries, in collaboration with qualified experts from each of those countries.For their clients in Spain, they work with all the various legal departments in order to design the corporate and financial structure best suited to each activity and each investment.For more than ten years they were partners in Iberforo, a company with local branches throughout the country, and Iberforo Baleares, its Balearic counterpartJose Pradel Alfaro Associate of Mon-Lex from the year 2004, has a long and professional career behind him.Specialised is fiscal advising to Tourist Companies, nowadays he is also the tax adviser of various companies and renowned Hotel Chains both in the Balearic Islands and other parts of the world.INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS.Negotiating, formalising and drawing up all kinds of contracts:- Contracts for the buying and selling of businesses- Buying and selling of tourist establishments- Land and residential estates- Contracts of lease- Management- Franchise- Acquiring and selling companiesLegal and financial strategy for investments in the tourist trade, backed up by the experience drawn from the successful completion of over 100 national and international investment projectsCORPORATE AREA.- Incorporation of all types of companies- Formalisation of company transactions- Increase of capital- Reduction of capital- Mergers- Demergers- Modification of the statutesACCOUNTS AND FINANCIAL AREA.- International financial planning- Assessment on financial matters and company accounts in the target country, as well as the relationship of the investment with the country of origin of the investment and the compliance with the administrative norms and controls on monetary exchange.- Personalised treatment adapted to the expatriates in each of the different countries.RESOLVING CONTENTIOUS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS AND LITIGATION.Study and analysis, as well as legal representation of the clients in any type of law siuit, in collaboration with local and qualified experts.LABOUR AREA.Legal management and assessment on questions related to labour and Social Security. Preventative measures. Contracts, law suits and settlements.

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