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A complete and customized service to our clients is the mission of MIJARES ABOGADOS.Created by Ramón F. Mijares in 1985, after more than ten years of legal advise its current organization starts in 1989. Headquarters are located in s in Oviedo, Asturias, expanding its services in 1999 by opening a new office in Las Palmas The Canary Islands ; since 2001 the firm integrates a new office in Gijón.Ramón Mijares holds the managing director position, being Pelayo F. Mijares the deputy director. Fifteen attorneys highly skilled, analysed through team work all aspects of each single file, so providing our clients global solutions to solve their entrepreneurial and personal matters .Conciuss of the key role new technologies provide, MIJARES ABOGADOS has intensely invested, during the last few years, in IT, developing a high speed intranet and video conference services. The driven force of such a development is to provide a better service to our clients and at he same time substantially reducing costs and time.Pioneer in setting up alternative dispute resolution methods, focusing on mediation, trying to provide the last state- of - the- art solutions for its clients , the firm also offers its legal advice in mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, JVs, as well as acting as consulters for opening new markets, specially in south and central America and in international deals.Ramón Fdz.-Mijares, founder of the firm , started his professional career in 1976 with a group of partners until 1985; from this year he runs his own law office. The actual one is properly founded in 1989.Every member of our law firm has been educated here from the very beginning of their professional career, that means , everyone has a global view of the law meanings, nevertheless each one has chosen a specific topic of work and professional proficiency; therefore, we are able to offer a very detailed assistance, taking into account every side of the existing law- Automobile and insurance matters where our fields of practice at the very beginning . Afterwards we develop, with outstanding success , Penal Law area, dealing with a wide range of offences and felonies even in the international sphere.- Since 1978 our working field broaden to Banks counselling and in 1982 we signed our first contract as lawyers with the most important Surety and Credit Insurance Company in Spain, we turn out specialist in this area, from which we take part in bankruptcies and insolvency proceedings , obtaining great success and important levels of recovery.- City Councils and others public bodies required our services and therefore in 1989 we create the Administrative Law department , including now areas as city planning . Today we may say our law firm has a privilege position in this area of work.- Being aware of the importance alternative dispute resolutions methods will have in the coming years , in 1994 we found RESOLUCION ALTERNATIVA DE LITIGIOS, RAL ® . RAL ® has lead the diffusion, training and use of mediation in Spain , acting as counsellors in international schemes with the International Development Bank in Latin and South America.- In 1996 we create the Labour and Social Security department . Since then we have grown rapidly and continuously having, among our clients now, unions and entrepreneurial groups.- Regarding civil area, we have a wide range of fields , from tenancy matters, rustic and urban, matrimonial and family items as well as every aspect in the private and individual law. Our offices in Las Palmas and Asturias give support and counselling to assured in the most important Death Insurance Companies.Practice areas:-  Civil law- Tenancy Law- Administrative Law- Criminal Law- Labor and Social Security Law- Commercial and Society Law- Bankruptcy Law- Insurance Law

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