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The law firm of Diaz-Bastien & Truan was founded in Madrid in 1978 by Hector Diaz-Bastien, Ernesto Diaz-Bastien & Conrado Truan. Since then the firm has experienced a constant growth.

In 1981 our office in Marbella was opened, which is at present one of the most prestigious on the Costa del Sol. In 1987, the firm was established in London to provide advice on Spanish law regarding contracts, transactions and international procedures.

Since its inception, the firm has been characterised by great dynamism and commitment to its clients, which has led to its position as a law firm of national and international reference.

- Company restructuring in pre-bankruptcy situations.
- Application for declaration of bankruptcy.
- Appearances in representation of creditors.
- Advice throughout all stages of bankruptcy.
- Bankruptcy administration.
- Feasibility plans.
- Company reorganisation and relaunch.
- Winding-up procedures.
- Expert reports.
- Receivership.

- Corporate Law.
- Agency, distribution and franchising.
- National and international commercial contracting.
- Mergers and acquisitions.
- Competition Law.
- Legal reviews and pre-contract due diligence.
- Securities Market Law
- Public Invitations to Bid and Public Purchase Offers (OPV, OPA).
- Project Finance.
- Joint Ventures and parasocial agreements.
- Challenging corporate agreements and liability of directors.
- Banking and Finance.

- Pre litigation negotiations.
- National and international civil and commercial litigation.
- Commercial disputes.
- Criminal proceedings.
- Economic crimes.
- Extradition.
- Contentious-administrative matters.
- Mediation.
- National and international arbitration.

- Restructuring of business groups.
- Family protocols.
- Planning and optimisation of acquisitions and disposals of companies, businesses or business assets.
- Ongoing consultancy on business tax matters.
- Risk assessment processes in investment projects.
- Official accountancy, tax liabilities and bookkeeping.
- Commercial obligations.
- Assistance and advocacy for Financial and Tax Inspections.
- Taxation of non-residents and international taxation.
- Structuring of international tax obligations.

- Personal rights.
- Obligations.
- Rights in rem.
- Contract preparation and follow-up.
- Testamentary successions and estate planning.
- Leasing.
- Contractual and non-contractual civil liability and damages in general.
- Issuance of legal opinions and reports regarding all types of contracts or dealings under the jurisdiction of civil law.
- Pre-litigation negotiations.
- Foundations, associations and non-profit entities.

- Management of trademark and patent portfolios.
- Claims for infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights.
- Contracting for intellectual and industrial property matters.
- Advice on audiovisual and entertainment law.
- Data protection auditing.
- Data protection consultancy.
- Design and launch of new products.
- Consultancy relating to New Technologies Law.
- Development and management of intellectual property and new technologies projects.

- Buying and selling properties.
- Construction of hotels and resorts.
- Legal representation of real estate sector operators.
- Real estate contracting.
- Time sharing structures.
- Shopping centres.
- Mortgages.
- Restructuring of real estate assets.
- Legal review of real estate assets.

- Comprehensive consultancy services for energy production projects.
- Preparation of opinions and reports.
- Establishment and sale or purchase of renewable energy projects.
- Administrative consultancy on power production projects.
- Supply and trading contracts.
- Contract negotiation and project financing consultancy.
- Kyoto Protocol and CO2 markets.

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