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CRUZ CONDE ABOGADOS, established in 1979, is a well-known Law-Firm considered among the most prestigious and experienced along the south of Spain. Our activity is centred mainly in the Marbella area, assisting clients from all over the world. During our years of activity for and continued service to our clients we have been able to honour their confidence and respond to their needs at all times. Our organization has evolved to adapt to the changes in the legal system as well as to new technical innovations and professional training.Every single assignment received by CRUZ CONDE ABOGADOS means a challenge and a promise. The challenge is to satisfy the expectations of every client. The promise lies in our belief that we will only be able to render the most efficient services while adhering to the strictest professional ethics. Our philosophy, which is always transmitted to all the staff in our firm, is to design and to foresee the best possible solution for our clients, either to solve any problem that may arise or to prevent any kind of future contingency. In the same way, our firm understands that integrated legal advice must be channelled through an overall view of all operations, where all legal aspects will be complemented and coordinated using a multi-discipline approach.CRUZ CONDE ABOGADOS is structured in different departments to guarantee that any matter is dealt with by Lawyers specialising in the subject.Our range of activities includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:ADMINISTRATIVE LAWAdvice addressed to obtaining all type of privileges (concessions), licences and authorizations from any branch of the Administration and particularly in the area of Town Planning. We also act in all kind of administrative procedures, submitting claims of any type under the administrative or contentious-administrative jurisdictions. Advice in municipal ordinance for building, urban planning, discipline, execution and urban development, assisting in the obtaining of licences and permits and all procedures related to this matter.LABOUR LAWAdvice in all kind of labour relationships, acting in the field of labour contracting, modification of any labour conditions and termination of contracts, either individual or collective, including legal assistance in all kind of labour procedures dealt with under the social jurisdiction (regardless which Court it relates to) and in all kind of procedures with the Labour and the Social Security Authorities.TAX LAWAdvice in all the aspects of Taxation, including the assistance in the event of inspection and claims, analysing the fiscal implications of any matter, operation and transaction, and providing the most efficient tax structure in each particular case, especially the taxation of non-residents.CIVIL LAWAdvice in all fields of Private Law by means of meetings and inquiries, elaborating reports/contracts of any kind and giving advisory opinion, particularly in the following: rights inherent to the person and legal personality, association and civil society, property and possession: acquisition, defence and protection, inheritance and succession rights, obligation and rights in contracting matters, law for the rental of urban/rustic properties, property in condominium, flat or apartment and community of owners.LITIGATIONDesign of a strategy for lawsuits, including the most appropriate procedural approach, in defence of the rights and interests of our clients in front of judges and courts of all jurisdictions: under civil and administrative courts.COMMERCIAL LAWAdvice in the incorporation of companies; preparing the necessary documentation to be presented to the Companies Register and to other administrative institutions, as necessary. We provide regular advice to the governing bodies of companies as well as to the Secretary of the Board of Directors, in which capacity we can ourselves act.PROPERTY LAW/CONVEYANCINGAdvice on all aspects of this area, including real estate development, starting with the purchase of land, to the drafting of contracts with Architects and Engineers, works execution contracts, commercial contracts, as well as advice in all fiscal aspects of real estate operations. We attend particularly to property transactions, rentals and taxation matters, assisting in the drafting of any kind of guarantee contracts.

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