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Maric Law Office was established in 1959 when its founder Dr Vladimir Maric left the position of president of the Commercial Court in Sarajevo and started a private practice as an attorney at law.

Dr Maric’s specialization at that time determined the present profile of the Office. The firm developed strongly after Bosnia and Herzegovina opened to foreign investments and foreign capital.

Maric Law Office is highly recognized amongst international and domestic clients in providing law services of wide range and variety.

Our ability and experience in dealing with all situations arising on the Bosnian and Herzegovina market definitely placed us as one of the leading law offices in the country.

The aim of the Office is to always maintain a high quality and prompt service in a friendly manner, applying the highest professional standards.

Banking:Almost all banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a share of foreign capital have been clients of the Marić Law Office, either regarding due diligence reports by acquisitions, consulting upon investments, solutions for organizational restructuring, or problems with their ongoing business activities. The office has prepared studies for the World Bank, as well as the Bank Privatization Unit of the Ministry of Finance of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina . On the basis of the Office's suggestions, the concept of privatization has been defined for a great number of banks currently operating in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Competition:This area of practice is one of the emerging ones and is developing fast. The Marić Law Office is one of the rare law firms in this jurisdiction with enough potential and expertise to perform successfully this kind of work. It has already been part of all the significant competition developments in the country.

Consumer Protection & Product Liability:The Office is one of the few in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has relevant experience in food/non food products legislation, and all of the particular areas of practice related. Corporate law being among the firm's dominant areas of practice, lead to expansion of expertise in the respective direction due to the grooving needs of corporate clients, most of which are part of the food/non food products industry. Therefore, the firm is successfully performing legal advisory services, and legal issues resolving activities for most of the companies holding the world's leading brands present in the local market.

Corporate:Marić Law Office has an extensive experience in incorporation and registration of companies, as well as in organization, acquisition, sales, mergers, restructurings and corporate governance. The commercial department, comprised of a team of skilled lawyers, specializes in commercial transactions, the sale and distribution of merchandise, commercial agreements, secured transactions and commercial litigation.

Privatization:Since the beginning of the privatization process in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the office's first privatization agreement representing the Coca-Cola Company, it has taken part in the most important privatization procedures performed, both in the capacity of sole legal advisers and in cooperation with large international law firms.

Real estate:The Office deals with real estate investments as a whole, and advises clients at all stages of the project, from planning to completion and leasing; letters of intent to acquisition and continuous counseling.

Energy:Since the transformation of the energy and utility sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been in process, the Office in partnership with an international consulting firm has been chosen to provide legal advice during the entire reorganization process in the areas of the transfer and distribution of electrical energy and water management; financed by the European Union and USAID.

Telecoms:Marić Law Office has considerable experience regarding the acquisition of licenses in the mobile telephone sector, as well as regarding all activities of internet service providers, since it participated in providing solutions to problems relating to the distribution of domains in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Indemnity Claims:The Office has been engaged in indemnity claims in insurance matters, and is experienced in the execution of indemnification requests and court proceedings related to these requests. The Office participated as a local consultant in the creation of all insurance legislation, including both applicable laws as well as laws in the adoption procedure.

Intellectual Property:Marić Law Office is one of the few offices registered as trademark agents in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides official trademark protection (trademarks, industrial design/models, and geographical/origin marks) it provides counseling on all issues regarding intellectual property including copyright, and brand promotion and protection in whole.

Labour LawLabour Law is a sensitive issue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to its low employment rates and its social politics, which is very present in court proceedings, and reflected in the courts’ tendency to always protect the employees. Marić Law Office represents, in general, the interests of the employers. It has the relevant experience required to identify all potentially risky situations for employers as well as the expertise to devise adequate solutions to avoid or solve them. We provide every type of service in this area, from consultation, preparation of labour regulations, employment contracts and all other documentation, to representation in court proceedings.

Dispute ResolutionFrom its establishment, Marić Law Office has dedicated its utmost attention to this area which has always been one of its core activities. We mostly appear in corporate disputes, commercial litigation, debt collection, indemnification procedures, as well as in competition, intellectual property and taxation disputes and in enforcement and bankruptcy procedures. We focus our resources in order to ensure that we are thoroughly prepared for litigation; however, we do our utmost to avoid litigation wherever possible.

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