B & S Legal s.r.o.
Our company provides legal services in the Slovak Republic, with a full appreciation of the law of the European Union. In co-operation with partner law firms, we are able to cover projects realised in the Czech Republic and other countries. We specialise in business law where we have substantial expertise mainly with respect to greenfield projects, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, corporate law, law of contract, competition law, state aid, and employment law, as well as litigation and domestic and international arbitration. We provide our services in English, French and, of course, Slovak language.The main areas of our services are:- Corporate Law- Mergers and Acquisitions- Greenfield Projects- Law of Contract- Real Estate Law- State Aid- Competition Law- Labor Law- Securities and Banking Law- Bankruptcy Law- Dispute Representation

practice areas

Alternative Dispute ResolutionBanking LawBankruptcyContractsCorporate LawLabor and EmploymentMergers and Acquisitions and DivestituresReal EstateSecuritiesSecurities FraudUnfair Competition

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