Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners
The law firm was established under the Federal Law On the Attorneys’ Activities and the Bar in the Russian Federation, which came into effect on 1 July 2002. The firm operates as a  partnership of lawyers (an Attorneys’ Collegium under Russian law).The aim of the law firm and its attorneys is to provide professional counsel of the highest quality to foreign and Russian companies and individuals. We strive to fight for our clients’ rights and ensure their access to justice.Most of our attorneys and lawyers have worked together as a single team since 1996 and have gained unique expertise in various branches of law through years of successful practice. Each of us is a professional in a particular area or in several areas of law. It is precisely teamwork that allows us to offer our clients the knowledge and skills we have shared, accumulated and multiplied.Our professional motto is: “Practical and innovative solutions to the legal challenges facing our clients.”Russian law differentiates between attorneys on the one hand, and lawyers as legal consultants on the other. In Russia an attorney is automatically a lawyer as well. However, not every lawyer is at the same time an attorney. Today legal services in Russia can be rendered even by those who have not received higher legal training, whereas in order to gain the status of attorney the following conditions are required:- higher legal training (received from licensed educational institutions), or an academic degree in legal sciences;- a minimum of two years’ work experience in the field of law, or at least a year’s traineeship in an association of attorneys;- having passed a special professional examination and taken a professional oath.The attorneys’ status largely contributes to our progress and achievements. Its particularities distinguish us from commercial organizations and sole entrepreneurs rendering legal services. The status of an attorney among other things implies the following:- the attorneys and their premises have statutory immunity from certain actions on the part of the state;- they cannot be interrogated or summoned in the capacity of a witness on matters related to the rendering of legal services;- they are obliged to comply strictly with the confidentiality of documents and information received from the clients;- other obligations vested with the attorneys by law or the Code of Professional Ethics.In our capacity of attorneys, apart from consulting on law issues we are actively engaged in litigation in the Russian State courts of General Jurisdiction and the Russian Arbitrazh Courts (commercial courts under Russian law). We are also involved in domestic and international commercial arbitrations.

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Alternative Dispute ResolutionArbitrationBankruptcyCorporate LawInternational LawLitigationTaxationUnfair CompetitionWhite Collar Crime

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