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The "Yukov, Khrenov and Partners" Law Office was established in 2003. The partners who established the Law Office began their advocatory activity at the Law Office No.4 of the "Injurcollegia" and then joined the Law Office No. 94 of the Inter-Republican Advocacy Collegium where the main group of the future Law Office formed.The Law Office has united high-class professionals specializing in different branches of the law enforcement activity. Many of our attorneys-at-law and assistants of the attorneys-at-law are graduates or students of the Russian School of Private Law (Moscow), they continue postgraduate education at leading higher education institutions or already have scientific degrees.Representation of Clients' interests at arbitration courts of the Russian Federation is the specialization of the Law Office. Various cases, in which our attorneys-at-law represent their clients, are unique and court decision on them often become a basis for court practice formation on separate categories of cases.The "Yukov, Khrenov and Partners" Law Office was founded in 2003 on the basis of the Law on Advocatory Activity and Legal Profession in Russian Federation and is one of the leading Russian legal and consulting services market participants.The founders of the Law Office began their advocatory activities in "Injurcollegia" and then joined the Inter-Republican Advocacy Collegium.Nowadays the Law Office is a legal company acting in accordance with the best standards of legal services and with the values that lie in the basis of the best cases of national and international advocacy. The Law Office proved itself to be a worthy team of professionals and has a reputation of a reliable partner.The Office's specializes in the representation of Clients' interests in arbitral courts of the Russian Federation and legal consulting services in the business sector. It should be mentioned that the arbitral practice geography of our lawyers is rather vast and is not limited by any single region.Another important part of the Office's activities is the complex legal support for business: corporate matters - preparation of the local standard acts, decisions of the legal entities' administrative bodies, legal support for procedures of shareholders and board of directors meetings, setting up the legal base for purchase and sale of shares for the transactions of merger, acquisition or division of companies, consulting in the field of tax and antimonopoly legislation, setting up of the transactions, dealing with offshore jurisdictions.The Office also provides complex legal support for private matters of the business representatives (acquisition of the residential permit or citizenship, purchase of real estate abroad, etc.).Major and middle-level companies (investment, banking, railway transit, fuel and energy complex, development companies, telecommunications) are among our clients.Since 2005 we have been accredited by the State "Deposit Insurance Agency" Corporation as a legal advisor.Our specialists are active participants of the law-making activities, in particular are members of the workgroup developing a number of amendments to the Federal Laws to prevent abusive litigation in the state courts (both arbitration and general jurisdiction courts of general jurisdiction) and various forms of corporate greenmail and related issues, and a the workgroup to amend the Russian Federal Law on Limited Liability Companies that regulates the activities of the most widespread business form in Russia.The lawyers of our Office are also involved in the activities of Russian Association of Lawyers. Alexander Khrenov is the Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of the Russian Association of Lawyers.Since arbitration courts system had appeared in Russia our Law Office Attorneys-at-law activity based on representation of clients' interests in different kinds of judicial disputes which aroused from entrepreneurial activity.As one Arbitration Pprocedure Code was changed with another and during the growth of acts governing commercial turnover it became necessary to analyze arbitration disputes (resolved and potential) with the aim to uncover actual problems of law-enforcement practice and to form pool of general methods clients' interests representation in courts. These tasks are especially pressing when it is necessary to represent clients' interests in interconnected disputes in arbitration courts of different regions simultaneously.During preparing case materials for litigation we try to combine our experience and practical skills with research and proposition of non-standard legal decisions and approaches, based on scientific knowledge and research of our specialists watching modern trends of development of Russian, foreign and international law-enforcement practice.Wide range of questions of Law Office's activity concerns corporate support of Clients which includes internal acts drafting, composing of decisions of legal entities' management bodies, legal support of general meetings and boards of directors, preparation of legal basis for shares sales during M&A transactions.Tax planning plays an important role in the Law Office activity especially on the stage of medium- and long-term drafting of investment projects.With development of the legal assistance means which participants of economical turnover may resort to, preparation of appeals and representation in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and European Court on Human Rights in Strasbourg have been added to the Law Office's court practice. And we may say that sufficient positive experience has been accumulated on these fields.Our Attorneys-at-Law represented Clients' interests in the disputes in the field of election law.Our Attorneys-at-Law pay due attention to litigation in the courts of general jurisdiction which is often concerns comprehensive legal support of our Clients.Regard to financial issues the Law Office follows flexible approach satisfying as a rule the most strict demands of our Clients. The essence of that approach is in combination of different contractual provisions of legal support for Clients, e.g. per-hour rate for Attorneys-at-law, services, advance scheme of payment, payment of fixed rate for every accomplished project support etc.Services:- Arbitration litigation- Corporate Law- Litigation & Dispute Resolution- Antitrust- Land law/ Real estate / Construction- Tax Law- Intellectual property- Energy- Legal support of business- Environmental Law

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