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Whales was founded in the year 2000 by Aida Rushmanova, who managed to gather a highly skilled and dynamic management team and raised funds for the company.Whales legal discovered a very attractive niche on the market of legal services which it occupied by targeting exclusively banks - banking mergers and acquisitions (M&A), licensing and reorganizations. Having managed to attract Russian and biggest world’s banks, the company grew rapidly.In 2002 Whales launched Whales Group to provide consulting services for banking M&A employing high level management consultants and banking auditors. Today among its clients Whales Group has such banks as NikOil bank, National Factoring Bank, Master Bank, 1-st Capital Bank, EuroCredit Bank and many more. In total, Whales acquired as clients more than 250 banks during its seven years of operation.In June 2006 Firm’s Secret Magazine reported that WG captured around 50% of the market of indirect banking M&A in Russia.In July 2007 Forbes (Russian Edition) named WG the biggest in this market.Whales Group is a member of Association of Russian Banks, its CEO is a Representative of the Association of Independent European Lawyers (AIEL) in Russia. Whales legal is listed with the international legal index Martindale Hubble which also regularly publishes WG’s articles.The history of Whales is many times described in Russian business press. Management’s interviews & comments are regularly published in Business Week (Russian edition), Expert, Forbes (Russian edition), Commersant, Vedomosti (Russian business newspaper owned by WSJ and FT), Russia Journal, Company Management, Boss, Banking review etc., Whales managers are frequent speakers at main banking and economic conferences. Mediation, widely practised in the Western and especially American world of legal services, will for the first time appear on the Russian market.Now when a conflict arises between organisations, the parties who have already referred their dispute to a court for a decision or award, or are only intending to do so, can avoid that expensive and long-dragging procedure by turning for assistance to a mediator. The point is that the parties involved in a conflict often irrevocably ruin the opportunity of a constructive interaction, and sometimes lose any such chance altogether.The mediator encourages the parties to state their positions which at first sight seem uncompromising, he then splits the parties to take them to different conference rooms where he conducts negotiations with each party in turn and leads them to reaching agreement; this requires that a mediator should be highly skilled, experienced and knoWGedgeable in his area of expertise. Unlike in court proceedings, there actually is no risk of negative decision in mediation.Experience in the USA shows that mediation has proved successful in the settlement of up to 80% of disputes, although the disputed amounts involved in various cases exceed those in Russia manyfold. In the USA mediation has a long standing history and legislative status - it may be ordered and compelled by a court before a case is filed for court hearing.Services:- Banks- Bank Evaluation- Corporate Law- International Law- Commercial Law- Tax Law- Real Estate- Control by the Central Bank, the Federal Service on Financial Markets, the Federal Antimonopoly Service- Legislation- Legislation In International Arbitrages- Services to foreign companies- Consulting- Services to subscribers- Legal support of projects- Mediation- Due diligence- Federal Service on Financial Markets

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