Rubin Meyer Doru & Trandafir SCA
For over fifty years, Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. (“H&R”) has enjoyed a reputation as one of America’s leading legal specialists in European business. Since the early 1950’s, H&R has represented increasing numbers of major European multinational companies in the United States and other parts of the world. Headquartered on New York’s famed Wall Street, H&R has built an international legal practice in the heart of America’s financial and business community. Today, the firm provides services through offices in Europe as well as throughout the United States staffed by over 150 attorneys.A Bridge from Wall Street to Europe  The development of H&R’s international practice has coincided with the consistent and robust growth experienced by the economies of Central and Eastern Europe. This growth has created a demand from H&R’s international clients to provide on-site assistance in a region where the laws, customs and business conditions are often dissimilar from those experienced at home. Such demand is reflective of the need for law firms, such as H&R, to bridge the “wall” between East and West in Europe. This is especially important in light of the increasing volume and complexity of Central and Eastern European transactional business, and the move towards further integration of those countries into Western European and world markets.A Link with the Business Community in Israel RMDT is also affiliated with the the largest law firm in Israel, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. (BGA). BGA is comprised of 83 attorneys, including 16 partners, with branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Tiberias and New York. BGA specializes in most areas of civil law, providing its clients with personal and comprehensive services through departments specializing in the various fields of law. The firm is involved in many international matters, and, along with RMDT, handles privatization initiatives in Romania and the rest of Eastern Europe, in the fields of service, industry and infrastructure.The firm is divided into 18 professional departments, each containing the best experts in their field. The departments are: Commercial Law, Litigation, Planning & Zoning, Real Estate, Taxes, Insurance and Torts, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Antitrust, Securities Law and Hi-Tech, Cooperative Societies, Water and Agriculture, International Commerce, Local Authorities and Religious Orders, Environmental and Energy Law, Arbitration, Bankruptcy and Receivership, and Trusts and Estates.A Multi-national Law Firm in Bucharest To respond to these needs, H&R has structured its Central and Eastern European Practice Group (“Practice Group”) to integrate the skills and experience of H&R attorneys admitted to practice in the United States, Germany, Austria, Italy and Romania. In so doing, the Practice Group blends the services of European lawyers located permanently in Central and Eastern Europe, with attorneys practicing in such countries. Additionally, since the Practice Group gives priority to language proficiency as well as legal skills, its attorneys and staff are not only internationally recognized experts in their respective fields, but are fluent in English, Italian, French, Hungarian and Romanian. Indeed, many of the attorneys and staff in the Practice Group are fluent in three or more languages.To serve the needs of its expanding foreign clientele, H&R expanded with an office in Bucharest. The original Bucharest firm, Herzfeld & Rubin (Romania) S.R.L. was succeeded by Rubin Meyer Doru & Trandafir (“RMDT”). RMDT continues to provide a wide range of legal services for major investors throughout South Eastern Europe with a staff consisting of Western and Romanian attorneys. The Bucharest office is among the most highly regarded law firms in the region for its extensive experience in successfully handling large and sophisticated transactions.Practice Areas:- Successful Transactions- Corporate & Securities- Tax- Privatizations- Real Estate- International Law & Trade- Mergers & Aquisitions- Public Affairs- Intellectual Property- Infrastructure Redevelopment- Construction & Procurements- Communications- Banking & Financial Services- Employment Matters

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Antitrust and Trade RegulationArbitrationBanking LawCommercial LawCommunications and MediaCorporate Commercial LawCorporate LawCriminal LawEnergyEnergy RegulationEnvironmental LawFinanceInsuranceIntellectual PropertyIntellectual Property LicensingLabor and EmploymentLitigationReal EstateSecuritiesSecurities FraudTelecommunications LawUnfair Competition

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