Zamfirescu Racoti Predoiu Law Partnership
Zamfirescu Racoţi Predoiu ("ZRP") was founded in 2005 by merger of two law firms, Călin – Andrei Zamfirescu and Partners and Racoţi – Predoiu.Călin – Andrei Zamfirescu and Partners was founded in 1995 by Călin – Andrei Zamfirescu and Ariana Zamfirescu, two attorneys with over 29, respectively 24 years of experience in the Bucharest Bar Association. Benefiting from the two attorneys’ experience and reputation, the company quickly became a leader, imposing itself as a specialist in commercial arbitration and civil and commercial litigation. Afterwards, the company co-opted new attorneys as associates and partners, thus becoming one of the leading law firms of Romania. One of the new co-opted associates was Stan Tîrnoveanu, a specialist in banking law, former inside counsel with one of the largest Romanian commercial banks. Călin – Andrei Zamfirescu and Partners developed rapidly new services and products for its clients, such as banking and finance, bankruptcy and reorganization and bank litigation. The clients and peers, the market in general, acknowledged the high reputation of the firm’s attorneys in the fields of arbitration and disputes resolution, in the banking and financial fields, as well as in the ones of bankruptcy and judicial reorganization and banking litigation. Chambers and Legal 500 listed the company as expert in litigation and banking law, at the same time indicating the founding partner, Călin – Andrei Zamfirescu, as one of the most talented and reputed attorney on the market, both for the clients and for the peers, and one of the market leader in the field of commercial and banking litigation.Racoţi – Predoiu was founded in 1995 by Ioana Racoţi and Cătălin Predoiu, at that time two young attorneys who had already gain their good reputation of specialists in commercial transactions. Even from the beginning, the law firm assumed the specialization vocation, rapidly imposing itself on the mergers, acquisitions and privatizations niche. Racoţi – Predoiu has been mandated in several of the most important merger, acquisition and privatization transactions in Romania between 1997 and 2005. The company gradually extended its services in the transactions field on the capital market, in acquisitions financing and competition areas. Moreover, Racoţi – Predoiu was given important mandates in the energy and natural resources fields. Chambers and Legal 500 listed the company on the second place in the field of mergers and acquisitions, nominating Ioana Racoţi and Cătălin Predoiu as ones of the market leaders.We are an integrated law firm organized on corporate principles. At the same time, our services have a strong personal touch and we adapt our actions to each client, project or case.Our purposes and objectives are clearly and transparently communicated within the organization and we assure the cooperation of all attorneys and staff.Our target is the high quality of the services provided to the clients and the actual positive effect thereof on the clients.Our means consists in the knowledge and experience of our attorneys, coherent organization thereof in practice teams and groups, conducted by talented and inspired leaders, all motivated by team spirit and the will to be appreciated by all clients. We are living in a world governed by the market and competition. Therefore, it is important for us to build, together with our clients, fair and long-lasting relations, based on trust and loyalty. We offer our clients not only our knowledge, but also our integrity and professionalism. During our mandates we often collaborate with third Romanian or international law firms, experts and professionals in various specializations, with true fellowship and in good faith. Our independence is a condition for us to offer our clients the best advice and best representation that we are capable of. The success obtained for our clients made us happy and made us feel proud, but we try to remain modest, aware of the difficulty of the next mandate.In our complex and dynamic profession, knowledge is, of course, the main key for success, but they may not guarantee the success without a permanent effort. There are no such clients as simple clients, there are no such projects as simple projects or cases as simple cases. The complexity of the legislation, projects and cases involve team work and communication among the attorneys and the staff, between the members of the attorneys and leaders teams, among us all and the clients. The cohesion within our organization and the coherent action together with the clients, lead us to the harmonization of our thoughts and efforts, to our purpose: our clients’ success. This is also our success. ZRP may assist and represent you both in business projects (legal assistance), and in disputes resolution (arbitration, commercial litigation), at the highest quality standards.Our clients may have all their issues solved in an integrated manner, with one team of attorneys with various specialties and this is our main comparative advantage. Our clients do not need to mediate between a law firm assisting them in investment projects and another solving their litigation cases, they do not need to make efforts and to incur supplementary expenses in order for them to explain to different teams their purposes and objectives. At any time, ZRP can bring together highly reputed specialists, both in legal assistance projects, and in litigation cases.The law firms that have created ZRP by merger distinguished themselves first as experts in arbitration, disputes resolution, mergers and acquisitions. Afterwards, they extended their experience in banking law, financing, capital market, competition, energy, natural resources, bankruptcy and reorganization, taxes, aviation and telecommunications.We are a generalist in commercial law. We are specialists in m&a, arbitration, dispute resolutions, banks, energy and natural resources, bankruptcy and reorganization.

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