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In 1993, when Abreu Advogados was created, we were 6 Lawyers. Today, we are 155 Lawyers in a Team of 210 Professionals and we continue to grow on a sustainable basis. We are an independent Law Firm that develops institutional relationships with several legal Associations and international Law Firms. At Abreu Advogados, we promote a policy of the 3Qs: Human Quality, Technical Quality and Organizational Quality. We have an active pro bono policy and we undertake a great number of initiatives on social responsibility issues.Founded in 1993, Abreu Advogados is one of the most dynamic and recognised Law Firms in Portugal.We believe that a Project can only be successful and satisfy the needs of its Clients, if it allies Ethics, Quality, Compliance and Technical Excellence. With 210 Professionals, 155 of which are Lawyers, Abreu Advogados was considered in 2008 to be the best Portuguese Company to work for and, for the second consecutive year, the best Law Firm to work for – as results from an inquiry undertaken jointly by the Exame Magazine and Heidrick & Struggles.We are the only Law Firm in Portugal that certified its Quality Management System under the ISO 9001:2000 Norm. Obtained in September 2001, this Norm facilitated the adoption by Abreu Advogados of the sound managerial principles that have always guided its organizational model.In 2006, Abreu Advogados was also awarded the Client Choice Award for Portugal, a distinction which is given by the International Law Office (ILO) exclusively to one Law Firm per Country. In its 15 years of existence, Abreu Advogados has built its practice as an independent and innovative Law Firm and has affirmed its commitment to the quality of the services provided to its Clients and to an organization supported by a professional management team. From a technical stand point, Abreu Advogados provides services through 9 Practice Areas that correspond to the different branches of the Law. Each Practice Area includes different Working Groups of a more specialized nature.From an organizational stand point, Abreu Advogados has a Board of Directors, composed of 7 Partners of different ages, background and seniority, that plans and executes the strategic orientations approved by the Partners in regular General Meetings.Amongst the members of the Board of Directors, the Managing Partner – elected by all the Partners - coordinates the day to day management of the Firm. Such management is secured by an Executive Committee, composed of a team of professionals in the following areas: finance and administration, human resources, IT systems, quality management, communication & marketing and social responsibility and sustainability.In January 2008, Abreu Advogados retained the collaboration of Paulo Teixeira Pinto as an Of-Counsel for the areas of Management, Knowledge and Strategy.In order to secure the renewal of ideas and the active participation of all Partners in the life of the Firm, the mandates of the Managing Partners and of the remaining members of the Board of Directors are of two years, renewable only once.At Abreu Advogados we apply the Law everyday, acting through 9 Practice Areas and 45 Working Groups.But we also do a lot more things: We do Education and we sponsor the further education of our Professionals; We publish a great number of legal documents in almost all areas of the Law, which we put at the disposal of our Clients; We share knowledge with our Colleagues all over the World through the many Associations of which we are a member; We play an active role in our Community and we act in a way that is socially responsible.As Lawyers in a highly competitive Market, we want to leave the footprint of a Project which is human, technically excellent and committed to the construction of a sustainable World.Practice Areas:- Banking and Finance Practice Area- Corporate and Commercial Law Practice Area- Employment Law Practice Area- Intellectual Property and IT Law Practice Area- Litigation Practice Area- Public Law and Environmental Law Practice Area- Real Estate Law Practice Area- Sports Law Practice Area- Tax Law Practice AreaTo Access the several Working Groups, please enter each Practice Area.Abreu Advogados cooperates with several international Law Firms and is an active member of several international Organizations and Associations, thereby securing that its Clients have quick access to legal services in the different Countries where they exercise their activities.In particular, and in what relates to Angola, Abreu Advogados has developed a strong relationship with one of the largest and most resourceful Law Firms in the Angolan Market: FBSL Advogados.

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ArbitrationCommercial LawCorporate Commercial LawCorporate LawEnvironmental LawFinanceInformation TechnologyIntellectual PropertyIntellectual Property LicensingLabor and EmploymentLitigationReal EstateSports LawTaxationUnfair Competition

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