Athayde de Tavares, Pereira da Rosa & Associados
ATPR is the portuguese representative and founding member of Alliuris-Alliance of International Business Lawyers, an association created under belgian law that congregates law firms rendering services in several european countries. Alliuris has its head office in Brussels. The members of the Association are medium sized law firms (15 to 30 lawyers per firm), particularly focused on business law.ArbitrationThe firm, through its partners, intervenes regularly in arbitration proceedings, not only representing the clients’ interests before any arbitration or mediation jurisdiction, but also as arbitrators in real estate or lease arbitration proceedingsCivil LawATPR activity covers all fields of civil law, with special emphasis on:- Lease Law- Real Estate- Contracts- Civil LiabilityWe also represent our clients in:- Family matters (divorce, custody)- Inheritance matters (wills, property setlements or distributions)Corporate LawATPR provides advice to national and european companies in any commercial operation, namely issues related with:- Creation of any type of companies- Mergers- Split-up operations- AcquisitionsInsolvencyActing mainly in representing creditors, the firm intervenes in credit recovery or insolvency proceedings, assuring the representation of its clients at any stage of the process.Competition LawATPR assures advisory as well as legal representation in Competition cases, mostly in the relationship between the client and the competition authorities.Commercial LawATPR advises companies on most matters within the scope of Commercial Law, namely:- Agency- Concession- Franchising- Distribution- Sales- Service supply contracts- Legal audit- National and foreign investmentLabour LawATPR advises on employment contracting, on human resources management, prevention of labour conflicts, on disciplinary proceedings, also assuring court representation to clients. The firm provides support to companies in social security matters.Tax LawATPR advises on fiscal matters, especially on the real estate and financial investment scope, through planning and reports. The firm also intervenes at both the administrative and litigious level of tax proceedings.LitigationATPR has a skilled and highly experienced litigation team particularly focused on issues related with:- Banking- Consumption- Liability- Credit RecoveryThis is one of the areas that grew the most in the past few years.

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